Why no hottest female bloggers ah?

So, all the miang-miang, gatal-gatal, humsup-humsup males are asking why I got hottest male (and gay) bloggers and I don’t mention anything about hottest female bloggers. I will tell you why:

Because I am female. And females don’t like to compare themselves publicly. Period. They will start to hate each other and later, 50% of my readers who are female boycott my blog, how?

Now, I just recalled some MSN messages:

Me : Hoi! That who-who is doing rap on her blog wor. Faster go see.

Him : Choy…..Later I skali kenot get erection for one week jek. (you no nid to guess also know who is him lah hor)

Me : Oi, she got put her 16 years old pikchure there wor. OMG, that is like so geli oni. She said she look kiut in that pic.

Him : OMG, puke!

Me : Eh, you very heng-tai with me hor? When I reach that age, you must promise me something.

Him : Promise what jek?

Me : You are truly heng-tai, you won’t let me down, ok?

Him : Say lah!

Me : If I ever, ever do that (posting my 16 years old photo and photo wearing towel and nothing else) on my blog when I am 60 plus, you promise promise promise to kill me.

Him : Kahkahkah….I go Thaicock (bangkok, thailand) go hire assassin.

Me : Wait, one more thing. If Bryan is still my webhost, you pay Bryan to nuke my site too ok? Wipe it off from the internet.

Him : Ok lah, donch worry. Now you deposit USD5K for me as deposit to hire assassin ok? Nah, my PayPal is ………….

Me : Promise hor? Don’t ever let me get until that level. But I think never mind lah, if I start doing that, my own sons will also give me rat poisons in my foods everyday. Kahakahakh.

So, now you guys understand? Women don’t like to be compared. Regardless what age. She can be 60 or 16 and yet, they will hate each other if there is some similarity they see between themselves.

There…don’t expect any hottest female blogger here lah. Go play far-far.

7 thoughts on “Why no hottest female bloggers ah?

  1. wuching – Yahor…Why I never interview you. You also hot like chow yuen fatt hor?

    Ah Beng – Eh, mana lu mia taikor? He tak senang today, send you ah?

  2. Yahor, can not simply blog 5 hottest female, will risk to lose both male and female readers, get rotten egg and hates mail.
    How about feature female bloggers? You know, we very 8kua one. 🙂

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