Don’t flame me, I pway-pway oni

I got this from mott. I guess we are all feeling a little perky today. When you have alter-ego as a mom and as a blogger, we have that chance to let our little devilish mind wander a bit. Otherwise, I tell you, being housewife, mom, slave to the house, sex slave to the husband (LOL) can be very, very boring. That’s why all the soap operas sells. Because everyone needs a release somewhere from the real life.


As bloggers, we have that little corner where we can get unreal. So, thanks mott for the sign.

It just got me to create another. Some Chao Ah Beng out there gave me the link to church sign generator. At frist, I was scared I kena flame for making fun. But then, true what. God loves me. God loves everyone, right? And yeah, Sudah Undi? Machap kah, kicap kah, bochap kah, apa pun undi.


You click the below button and it will take you to the voting page:
My site was nominated for Most Obnoxious Blogger!

Read more about it here on my previous post Most Obnoxious Blogger. Wei, I am giving away RM100 to the most creative slogan….5xmom is obnoxious because…….. Come take part lah.

5 thoughts on “Don’t flame me, I pway-pway oni

  1. 5xmom is obnoxious because……..

    she is a chao ah lian!!!!!! *Hepi now?* *falls off chair again* Blek!

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