Most obnoxious, atrocious, delicious, pretentious (add more please) award – 5xmom on Bloggers Choice Award

I am going full steam to beg for votes. I don’t do this very often but it is not often you get to be side by side with Jason Calacanis. He is really the obnoxious one. He calls us bloggers who write paid posts all sorts of name. He threw shits at PayPerPost all the time. That’s how he earned the Golden Donkey Award from Ted Murphy, the CEO of PayPerPost. (full story here)

Time and time again Jason has climbed upon his stacks of money and jumped upon his high horse, declaring PayPerPost and the other companies that have followed our lead “evil”. Apparently he can’t find anything better to talk about on his blog or in his keynote speeches. He sounds more like a doomsday preacher than an entrepreneur.

Before I go on, nope, I am not paid to write this post. But I do earn like RM4-5K per month from PayPerPost and have earned USD6K since October 2006. Kehkehkeh. Bodek-ing lah. So, when I want to enter a contest, there is nothing like taking on a big boy. If you want to know how obnoxious Jason Calacanis is, just check this Google search.

So, ma, when I grow up, I want to learn to be as obnoxious as Jason Calacanis. But wait…I am already obnoxious. PabloPabla of DelicousAsianFoods said :

Don’t come too near to this 5xmom. She’ll cuss you till your ears and eyes bleed.

And he has nominated me for the Most Obnoxious Blogger’s Award. At first, I thought I will probably garner like 3-4 votes. But mammamia…I already have 61 votes against Jason’s 36. So, looks like I am going to win.

So, what do I get if I win? Actually, if my husband can trust me to fly off to the USA alone, I can afford the return ticket and lodging to attend the PostieCon to be held in Orlando, USA. Then, I will receive the award from Ted Murphy. But hor…even if my husband trusts me, I don’t trust myself wor. I never fly abroad alone. I surely will get charmed by some horny angmoh (red hairs) midair and disappeared forever. Kehkehkeh. So, nah, I don’t get anything from winning. Just the shiok-ness of it.

So, complete the below sentence :

5xmom is obnoxious because……..

(if I win, I find the best description from the comments below and I give you RM100, how? Only one price of RM100 or equivalent amount in USD)

Marilah, mari, mari mengundi, jangan lupa kewajipan pada 5xmom…

21 thoughts on “Most obnoxious, atrocious, delicious, pretentious (add more please) award – 5xmom on Bloggers Choice Award

  1. And to all whom have voted, thank you very very much. I will log in and vote for all the Malaysian Bloggers when I remember my password. LOL.

    BTW, under Freakiest Blogger, go vote for Rojakz and Ahpek. Kehkehkeh.

  2. RM4-5k a month? no need to work lor….

    eh, how to get this PPP going ah? i think my blog qualify already since it just hit 90 days old… right?

  3. Just popped in 4 a while. Got pilihanraya going on? How to vote?….Pliz, Lilian, don’t kutok me lah! I’m already more than half a century old!!! Ketinggalan zaman! Sure I vote for u, one!!
    P.S. Ur son’s HM remembers the mum he met at IKEA!!! So next time u see him, remember to wink2, ya? LOL!

  4. 5xmom is obnoxious because……..

    she is a Chow Ah Lian!!?????

    *laff until falls off chair in office* Wei, you asked to finish the sentence one ar!

  5. 5xmom is obnoxious because……she teaches us young kids profanities in many languages in good humour =)

  6. last time i checked..u were first… wonder if can put in phantom votes…

    undi la undi..marila undi ….

    so easy to easy to undi…

    undi la ppl for 5xmom!!!!

  7. mott – Hahaha, Malaysian politics. Undi hantu.

    littlepixie – 😛

    Chao Ah Beng – Hoi, Chao is spell likedis. Chow is my niece’s surname, ok? You got go skool wan or not ah? Spell properly!

    Ah Pek – HAHAHAHAH….I figure…no chikik go fight in the normal arena so mah put you there lor. Got Best Humor oso, I nominated a few.

  8. STP – Wah…..*faints giggles squeals faints again* You didn’t tell him I got a blog and a crush on him hor? Hahahaha. To vote – You click the little badge or link and it will lead u to a site. They need a little fakey fakey registration.

    clement – Tenkiu! No slogan ah?

    zewt – Sign up, submit your blog and that’s it. Then, you can start writing. Any question just ask me. I am DA expert. Kehkehkeh.

    eevet – so many Xs all represent diff things ah?

  9. I say…your slogan contest baru buka kah? My entry will be the nomination entry lah…

    I’m still smarting from bleeding ears and eyes.. 😛

  10. Ha ha ha…when old people talk, they owes add lada, ajinomoto…to spice up story! Now u can imagine wat I told him! LOL!

  11. STP – OMG, I hope none of my sons kena detention and I have to go rescue them from the HM again. If not ha, I tell you…Lucky you tell me this today. Just yesterday I kena go bawak one of them back due to tummy ache.

    pablopabla – Ok, that one noted. A very good one wei. Only loyar buruk can write so well and direct to the point. My heart oso bleeding liao.

  12. Wei, wa vote for you liao ..

    Here is my entry …

    5xmom is obnoxious because she si be very keng scold ppl. Better than any Ah Lian in Hokkien Land .. rofl

  13. I voted long long before liao, was the 21st voter, HEHEHEH~!!!

    …because she’ll hantam kao your line of ancestry if you don’t go vote for her NOW!!!


  14. I wanna pok twice, can ?

    Multilingual post .. hehhe

    ingwei* she memang kashikoi* he* terer spit chao* words and cheng* your face wet with tiam saliva

    ingwei – because in mandarin
    kashikoi – clever in jap
    he – and in mandarin
    chao – smelly in hokkien
    cheng – make in canto
    tiam – sweet in hakka

  15. Anything with X la.. like XX, XY. XXX. XXY , Xcy.. X-men.. Extremity.. Excited.. Extraordinary.. Ex-leng lui..Opss.. cause now is Extremely leng aunty..and the list goes on and on until round reach the moon.. you name it you got it all….xxXXX !

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