Exchange the old one for the new one (mortgages)

We can finally heave a sigh of relief because our current place is now fully paid. We no longer owe any money to the bank. After many years of paying housing loans, the property is ours.

However, it is nice to hold on to the house now. Who knows what tomorrow may throw to us? Do you know that with a property, you can mortgage the house, take a sum of money and use it for other purposes? Say, if we are in need of money to pay for our child’s education, mortages will be our life saviour.

Well, since we live in a humble abode, we managed to pay for it. But I have one relative who is a permanent big spender. He has bad credit mortgages which keep on rolling into even more things. Sometimes, we need to be a little discipline and live within our means. But this guy will live in a high class condominium, with a child who goes to private school and wear branded stuffs. Then again, if he thinks remortgage will tide him through a comfortable life, who are we to say anything, right?


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