Hottest Male Blogger – #7 Zeo

We are now at #7 of the Hottest Male Blogger in Malaysia. I want to make my list as majmuk as possible because it represents Malaysia. But then, I am not the social butterfly and know very, very few bloggers. Call it jakun, if you like. So, when I met Zeo at the Together Gather bloggers party, I know that he is an orang kuat with WordPress. Knowing how biggie the word WORDPRESS is, I know not to pway-pway with orang kuat like these. So, yeah, I go play far-far at the corner. But you know what? He has these limited quantity WordPress stickers to give away. What else? I fast-fast go line up with all the bloggers to get my supply of limited quantity WordPress sticker.

Now, it is pasted on my pink Vaio and proudly shown to people in Coffee Beans and Starbucks : Hey, you, don’t come near me, wokay? Gua orang ada WordPress sticker, gua blogger, lu tau kah? Lu u boh? Boh? Siam chit pi. (In Hokkien/BM – Hey you, don’t come near me. I got WordPress sticker, I am a blogger, you know? You got or not? No? Excuse me.)

So, ladies and gentlemen, today we have a PR7/10 blogger. Wei, not easy to get PR7/10, you know? I dunno have to dream for how many years also I won’t ever touch it. I want to spend money to buy also cannot buy it. Only very canggih bloggers get PR7/10. Therefore, you all better learn from Zeo and steal some tips from his blog.

1. Your name, URL, Blog Title

Safirul Alredha (Zeo),, Zeo

2. You write about

Back in the early day, I used to write crap about my lecturers, uni and friends to release my frustration. But then I turned l33t and start focusing more on web technologies. Later I got tired with it because everyone is blogging that same thing. So now, I blog about random stuff. Ahh yes! Everyone love doing random.

5xmom wonders…Then, what will he focus on next? Hmmm…let’s spy on what he writes and we kopitkat too.

3. Still hunting or waiting to be hunted?

I’m single but not available. But I tell you the truth, I prefer to be hunted. More suspense! Jeng.. Jeng..

5xmom tell you lah….His girlfriend memang ayu, cantik, comel, berseri-seri, bersopan-santun and very friendly. Sorry lah, no more vacancy, ok?

4. Are you vain? (tell us if you go for facial, have permed and dyed hair etc, i.e. if you care for your looks)

Vain? Reminds me of a song by Culture Beat, Mr Vain.

My only concern is my goatie.

5. Why type of girls turn you on? (or if you prefer guys, then so its cool too)

Cantik, menarik, tertarik, dia mesti da Bomb!

6. What do you see first in member of the opposite sex. (or if you prefer same sex, no problem)

Chubby cheek, beauty mark (above lip). Yummilicious!

7. In 10 years time….you want to be a……(complete the sentence please)


5xmom slaps forehead…. Alamak, we are doomed. Will blogging craze die then?

8. Do you see a future in blogging? Yes/No, explain please.

I’m not a Jedi, so I can’t see the future. I just hope that there’s no such thing as politics blog. These people / blogger really spoils the mood of blogging.

5xmom agrees…Yayaya, they are worse than people like me who write paid posts. Kikhkikhkikh…

9. Name three blogs you read.

I subscribe to a huge number of blogs, so I randomly picked from my Google Reader which also my personal favorites:

1) MAKE: Blog –

2) Pink Is The New Blog –

3) Signal vs. Noise –

5xmom says…See? I told you all already. PR7/10 people reads the kind of blog we never heard of. Faster go bookmark these and start kopikat-ing.

10. Do you read 5xmom. Yes/No, why?

Yes, I read 5xmom and dunno why. But if you are a frequent PPS visitors, you can’t escape or miss her pings. I just hope that she will exclude her sponsored posts from feed in the future.

5xmom red faced….Aiyer…malu nyerrrr…I also wish I can make those paid posts invisible from my RSS. But then hor, I don’t know what is RSS and I don’t subscribe to blogs through RSS. So kehkehkeh, you all have to live with them paid posts. It pays me well, so well, it will never go away. But I never ping my paid posts on PPS and will go around asking new posties not to do so too.

Thank you, Zeo! It was an honour to feature you.

Now, who can tell me who will be next on the list?

10 thoughts on “Hottest Male Blogger – #7 Zeo

  1. Bryan – Don’t forget the janggut too. Lu eh boh? U moh boh? Kahkahkah. Cis, since I cannot grow goatee, I cannot be PR7/10 liao.

    Erin – Eh, cannot share my AhPek with you all wan lah. Jeles ler.

  2. BTW, I think Zeo will say it differently when he grow older and get married. (when he swallow the blue pill, bwahahahahahahaha)

  3. All,

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