Hottest Male Blogger – #9 Bryan

I guess everyone would have guessed that if there is any real contest for Hottest Male Blogger, Bryan is definitely in it. I had heard all sort of compliments from ‘like Hongkong movie star’ to ‘Wuah…why you never tell me my webhost so handsome wan?’ to ‘Is Bryan going? If he goes, I also wanna go!!!!’.

Such is the level of hotness. Hahaha. Recently, during the long downtime I experienced due to server problem, DNS problem, moving server problem yadda yadda yadda,

some guy asked me, “Wei, you want me to go burn your webhost’s house down? Your site down so long, I don’t have blog to read.”

My reply, “HOI, cannot!”

He asked, “Why lah?”

I told him, “Because handsome.”

He answered, “Tiu”

LOL, let’s get on with the interview Malaysia’s second most influential blogger. Fu-yoh, you think so easy to get that kind of position?

1. Your name, URL, Blog Title

Bryan,, Latest Hi Tech News

2. You write about?

Anything about computer technology I feel like blogging.

3. Still hunting or waiting to be hunted?


Hunting is always preferable but can be tiring at times.

So, when I’m tired of hunting I wait to be hunted loh. LoLรขโ‚ฌยฆ

4. Are you vain? (tell us if you go for facial, have permed and dyed hair etc, i.e. if you care for your looks)

Not really.

So far I only dyed my hair twice in my entire life.

Hair gel, shaver and facial cleansing foam are the only things I need.

5xmom tells….Eh, lengluis sekalian, his hair hor, always very nicely styled with highlights wan. Somemore, he very noble, you know? Last time, he shaved his head bald to support Peter’s donation drive.

5. Why type of girls turn you on? (or if you prefer guys, then so its cool too)

Girl with a body like Jessica Alba and nice essence on her body.

6. What do you see first in member of the opposite sex. (or if you prefer same sex, no problem)

Eyes. I do believe the eye is the gateway to a woman’s heart.

7. In 10 years time….you want to be a……(complete the sentence please)

Investor, who is financially free. Financially free as defined by Robert Kiyosaki.

8. Do you see a future in blogging? Yes/No, explain please.

Yes. Just take a look of what blogging can offer you these days: income, information, leisure, marketing, a place to rant, you name it…

9. Name three blogs you read.

It’s all in my RSS reader, the number is huge. So, it’s kinda unfair to just list 3. :p

5xmom quips….See? Smart and cunning answer.

10. Do you read 5xmom. Yes/No, why?

Yes, since the first day this site is hosted with me, I just can’t get rid of reading it everyday.

It’s addictiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ok!

5xmom tambah – Bryan is my webhost for a couple of years already. So far, so good except for the recent downtime which was inevitable. I have over 15 domains hosted over two servers and I am glad he managed to move them painlessly. If you are not familiar with getting a domain and how to start a blog on your own hosting, he is the man to ask.

Thank you, Bryan for the interview.

Next…the letter Z

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  1. Wow! Voted as the Hottest Male Blogger!! I must add, he is one of the nicest and smartest guy I’ve met too.

  2. Everybody sit diam-diam, dun kacau I paint the house. No talking ok? I busy tampal-ing the advertisement banners and etc.

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