Video – Not me

I am going to put one extra post here. Many of my male readers are griping that they aren’t picked to be hottest males and jeles that so many others are featured. So, to entertain them, I have a video of some crazy woman feeding monkeys in the park. It is against the law to feed monkeys in the park, ok? That’s not me. I don’t know where the video is taken from. I don’t know who uploaded it.

And yeah, forgive the nagging watermark. My pink Vaio has no softwares to convert the knnccb MOV format to an acceptable format to be uploaded. Eh, did I just said that? No lah, I didn’t convert any video. I never take any video. I never upload any video. I didn’t feed monkeys in restricted zone. I didn’t say kongkek. I didn’t do anything. I am a blogger, remember? Does that ring a bell? Hmmmmm? Bloggers are liars, lah.

Anyway, the video file is freaking big and it is on Google. Crazy woman feeding monkeys.

Please turn down your volume.

11 thoughts on “Video – Not me

  1. opsss…. i didnt hear anything hor? no wor… i also didnt see anything wor, no also… i didnt see any1 feeding the monkey… next time maybe u should blast william hung’s shake your bon bon loud loud, maybe they will shake their bon bon leh ?

  2. HA ! We all know who shot that. But Lilian ar, at first i thought the voice belongs to an Indian lady …. hehehehe.

    Anyway, since you are a liar, i bet its you on the video. One Char Kueh Teow in Penang in July ? šŸ˜›

  3. william – sshh…you also didn’t hear that. LOL.

    moo_t – you know, our previous MPPP council chief once suggested planting fruit trees at the fringes of the jungle so that monkey will eat the fruits and not out to the public places to scavenge for food. You say siao or not? Like as if the monkeys are going to stay there for their fruit buffet.

    huei – Ya, cos the more food they have, they tend to breed more. And they are a nuisance and dangerous too. They grab your bags and bite children.

    platinum girl – Hahaha, Indian lady eh? Yalor, not me mah.

    k-kia – I wanted to ask them to say hi to lao gao kor-kor cedricang wan but sked you sue me next time.

    sasha – That one eh? hehehehe…

    jiun jee – Ya, clever, nothing here.

  4. end of movie… u or kids or someone else said ‘or f***ing?’……aikss! did i ask that? u donno right? aprah…*slap own mouth*

  5. You sure arr? you sure it’s not you that took the video arr… My monkey fella told me he saw XXXXX in Youth Park throwing them peanuts wor.. YOu sure arr ?

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