Whee! New template

I was just asking around to find someone to help me with the banner that NixLoh made for me. Then, I found Tina who is one of the PayPerPost’s postie from Canada. She did some WordPress theme and I asked her if she can help me to make the banner into a .gif.

So tadaaa….here is the new pinkish template. It is free. You can download Tina’s WordPress theme from her site. However, I don’t feel nice taking up her time. I happened to read that she likes Hello Kitty and guess what? I actually have one red Hello Kitty bag which I bought from Hongkong a few years back. I told Tina that the bag is too young for me and I only have boys. LOL. So, Tina, the bag is in the mail to you with a couple of things I bought from my church fundsraising. We are Catholics so the gifts are very appropriate. It is a poem book written by one of our church member, a notebook and a bookmark. Hope you like it.


Here’s the pic of the bag.

So, folks, like my template? Blek, like or not, I don’t care lah. Let me go add the codes to the sidebar and see how it turns out.

And – harap maaf, saya banyak merepek tentang hal-hal yang tak kena mengena dengan blog saya sebab saya mata duitan.

44 thoughts on “Whee! New template

  1. This template looks nice… but click-thru for ads good or not…
    How come I can’t seems to find the template download link at her site?

  2. Neo – I bet sure dropped wan but nvm lah, I later incorporate into my posts LOL.

    william – Oi, my old template is problogger wan wei. Kekekeh.

  3. Whoa… I love it! So you lar… lol

    Tina really did a good job and so nice of you to send her an appreciative gift. Love the little cutey cartoon lillian on the logo the MOST! LOL!

  4. Oh, and one more good thing is that this template loads much much faster than the old one. The old one takes about 10 seconds to load completely …

  5. Wah! New look! Gives impression u very very young! Change photo to one when u were 16 years old, sure many young handsome men visit ur blog! Huh! Come to think of it! Already so many young handsome men visit ur blog……..wah!!!

  6. i like the new template. so sweet! and cute!!

    yes, i think you’ve driven home the point that you like pink. hahahahahahahaha…

  7. Aww Lilian! You are too kind. Thank you for the gifts and I’m glad you love the theme! I agree with the others, you look stunning in your photo. Enjoy you day!

    -Tina Silva

  8. hi,
    this is my first time visiting your blog. I found it as one of 50 most popular blog somewhere. Curious to know why.. here i am. And now i know the reason.

    Can’t comment on the previous theme. but i do love the header. its cute

    keep on writing!

  9. Manyak cantik wei! Very the pink! But hor….hhmmm…..pink usually gives the impression of cute cute things wor. Does that mean the cussing will be toned down, ar?

  10. wah..this one definitely cleaner and more cantik!

    everybody want to rape their blogtemplates now! kakakakakakak..except me. kakakakakak too lazy!!!!

  11. eh…can put your link on your header or not? sometimes, i click on it, to get full page instead of just one post(via rss).

  12. quite a nice new template … at least now dont have those nice food pics all over the place making my stomach growl especially now that i am on vege…

  13. *5xmom comes on stage to give thank you speech*

    Tina – My mail gone out and hope you get it soon.

    Friedbeef – Woo…got expert approval from you. Means good la.

    Everybody – Tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu.

    Especially to NixLoh for the very, very nice banner. Must thank my K-Kia for intro Nix to me. Sorry folks, Nix is not for hire so cannot get him to do any banner for anyone. If you all like, go MoMo and kecek him lah.

    siantan – Where got most popular blog lah. Not popular but known for scolding people got lah. Hahaha.

    suituapui – Heh, suitable for 16 to 61.

    Arggh…I wan a gravatar like owen, rina and the rest. How do I do it?

    Chao Ah Beng – Not Ah Lian-ish enuff issit? Celaka lu, sure I kasi one bomb hoax phone call to where you are staying. Kena evict tengah malam. You jaga.

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