Hot. Mama. Bike.

The weather is very, very hot today. We went to Auto-City which is in Prai. It is our first time and wahlau-eh, I thought anything beyond the little island of Penang sure all laubeh, lauyeah, jinjang, sua pah wan. *evades rotten eggs from Prai people*

(#1 on that dunno-what-CTR-150)

Manatau, Auto-City so happening wan. It is like e-Gate, Gurney, QueensBay Mall all put together into one place. All the classy restaurants and coffee joints are there. Dem cun, man! But the weather was blardy hot, hot, hot. The skin feel like kena toasted like that.


We went to see a bike for the #1 son. Some CTR dunno-what from Naza that costs RM7K like that. Both father and son bonding moment, kinda thing lah. Meanwhile, I kena stand in the hot sun acting dem cool. They go for their test ride there and come back to Penang to place the order. The photo above is the Cruiser dunno-what that costs niamah, RM32K. RM32,000. Tiga puluh dua ribu. And this is the cheap one. We went to another shop and there are bikes that cost RM140K. Aiyor… to afford a bike that cost RM140K jek? Like that how to bring out to anywhere, sure kena curi-ed wan, right? I sure bring a lorry and angkat the whole bike onto the lorry. Sleep time oso must bring the bike into the bedroom and tie with chain to the leg.

But never mind. Heh, cannot afford to buy a RM32K bike, pinjam to camwhore oso can lah.


Fast-fast jump on it and ask my #1 to take pic with the camera phone. (OMG, did I tell you that I have a new phone? Later lah) Sked like hell the bike fall on me ‘cos it is so heavy. So, mah fast fast ‘thiak’ one pic lor. Mana tau, come home download the pic and all I see is O o. Do you see O o? It is because I was holding the handle senget lah. I no O o one, wokay. Both balance wan – O O. Both got equal amount of milk wan.

Kehkehkeh… That’s what the title says. A mama on a bike on a hot day. And don’t ask why you keep seeing me wearing the same clothes in almost every pic. I dem poor so cannot afford to buy many clothes lah.

Have a nice weekend. And folks, go to and download a little pic of yourself so that your gravatar appears on the little blue G below. Free one, just need to upload yr little pic oni. I uploaded a whole pic but only my eye fits in.

22 thoughts on “Hot. Mama. Bike.

  1. wahh… you should have borrowed a leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. the really hot mama liao! Can call Hell’s Mama!!

  2. Oo….hahahah thats a good one. And i was like PINK again?? must be cos she wanna match with her new pink viao!

  3. “Warning : Division by zero in /home/lilian88/public_html/wp-conte~ on line 595 The weather is very, very hot today.”
    i saw this error in frenzrss…if u access ur site http://ftp…maybe u can fix …the location of this files is at /home/lilian88/public_html/wp-conte~ on line 595

  4. Does CTR-150 have something to do with Click Through Rate ah? LoL…

    Btw, the CTR-150 bike damn chun!! Sure can larm sei lots of luisssss wan!!

  5. U should go to Autocity at nite …. lagi happening maa … Hellooo .. jangan kutuk-kutuk orang seberang ahhhhh!!!!! ;p

  6. if it isn’t showing my ignorance too much, could you explain what the ‘lah’ means at the end of some of your sentences? I was born and raised in England, now living in Kazakhstan, and I can imagine you saying the words in your post, but not what ‘lah’ means.
    If you get a second, please enlighten this tortured soul ;>

  7. Woooh~!!! If you put on striking pink leather jacket and PINK sunglasses hor, lagi cun~! Perfectly HAWT MAMA liao~! Like pinky babe lidat. LOL~!!!!

    But 0 o …..I was laughing too loudly, damn it! Was hushed by people around me…Heheheheheh~!!!

  8. “Bak Ju Tia”….sure kena tembak one…But here goes…I enjoy your blog veri veri veri much and love the recent changes in your blog….plus you can do whatever you want…but the font….*sigh*….now *Tau Tia”…..
    I see the typhoon coming….be brave……

  9. “Pai Say’….never let someone used the laptop….changed my font….no wonder lah….Malu now….thousand apology…

  10. hahaha.. senget!! cit liap tua cit liap seh. he left handed hor? seems like the left 1 bigger than the rite 1. LOL!

  11. Avoid NAZA bike like the plague man.
    Lousy handling and senang BUANG….and parts….aiyoh..must order.
    Example: Muffler pecah =RM400! Cilaka! So I have to modify….and no power. For 6K, get a Lagenda or NUVO or something better.

    And 32K for that bike!Yikes! I better use that money buy a car and even got extra to pay for a CBR900 in Singapore…and ride like a king….

    Please ah..if you love yr baby..don’t take Naza Bike…. or else..I have to show U my accident photos again!

  12. Whee whee…hot mama! But you better don’t bike on the road k? The hot pink too bright and will be a road hazard! :mrgreen:

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