Photos of SXI for the Old Xaverians of Penang

KS Tang asked me to take a photo of the boys’ toilet of his former school. It is an assignment that I had wanted to take for a long time already. But I normally dare not step foot into the boys’ toilet for fear of being hauled up for being peeping-Jane. Finally, I got the chance. I asked my son to take the pic.


This is the sign outside the school. Touching Heart, nice eh?


The courtyard. You may bump into some old mission brothers spirit if you hang around after midnight.


The hall where all the mission brothers’ photos are. Mission brothers are those young men from Europe who sailed to Malaya to spread Christianity and also to provide education.


My two sons are scouts and they are there to prepare for some camp tomorrow. The door where the scouts store their stuffs.


The almost spanking new toilets which KS Tang wanna see? See what see? Never see toilet before ah? Lu si siao ah? Bo mik kia khua liao ah? Sampat lah, lu, Kaynuikia. (To explain : The school was given a renovation few years back. The renovations are financed by ex-students of St. Xavier Institution. Previously, the toilets were very shabby.)

I have a few other phots on my Flickr site so click anyone of the photo and it will lead you to my Flickr album. BTW, Bro. Paul will complete his mission here in 2009 and I heard that’s the end of mission school here in Malaysia. Sad. There goes another perfectly run school. Habis. Boh liao. Puachit.

26 thoughts on “Photos of SXI for the Old Xaverians of Penang

  1. Errrrr, what’s the meaning of putting “we are Malaysian” inside the country? Sound so Palesteins inside Israel, like some sort of crisis that one need to instill their own identities. Bah… never mind.

  2. moo_t – You need to go to bed. LOL. It is a school lah. A blardy good one which produces good students. The almost extinct one with a good (and hensem) HM who is a mission brother. Nay…Menj, Timothy, Michael Ooi, KS Tang mia school lah. Oooppsss…did I just said good school? Hahaha.

  3. ehhh toilet oso wan take picture ==” and y u go take picture at night one??? @__oo like horror movie liddat leh… those dealing with skool compounds one XD

  4. Just curious are Malaysian toilets all like that now??? Look like jail cells with all those metal and very high doors. Doesnt look like much ventilation is there??? Pretty scary. 0:~~~~

  5. Whoa… it’s been a blinking long time since I step back on my beloved school courtyard. So much has changed as per the pics. Thanks for bringing back sweet memories sis!

  6. nice blog…!
    i like the way you write your posts.
    i stayed in penang for almost a decade, and i have a few friends from sxi.
    the school’s not bad; i think the students they produce are more liberal though there are some that are…
    ah, nevermind. xD
    keep up the good work, and nice layout by the way!

  7. oh, now i knw michael ooi oso xaverian…no wonder he sounds like one too, lol. how come bro paul got no apprentice meh?

  8. sooi2 – Our gahmen dun allow any more mission brothers leh. Misson brother = Christianity mah. The death of good schools lor.

    sammy – Like what happened to MBS and Free School lor, the standard has dropped drastically once the brothers stopped coming.

    daryl – You are ex-Saints huh? Glad I shared this post after all. So many ex-Xaverians.

    romantic – LOL, I oso find it funny to pee onto the steel wall like that. I thot got individual urinals wan. Hahaha, boys schools….

    clement – You go stay overnight there lah, with the scouts. No need to tell, you experience it yourself.

    #2son – You go blog it lah, hantu mia cerita.

    conan – My sons are there to prepare for scouts camp so that’s why I am there tengah-tengah malam to pick them up.

  9. Thanks Lilian. That was down memory lane for me. The last time I was in there was 1970. (I mean the school lah, not the toilet. I can’t recognise which one it is now. Ground floor?)

  10. Thanks for the pics. The toilets are so much nicer … at least, the pupils can now pang sai in peace, u know what I mean? Haha!

  11. Daryl: Do you miss the lousy char koay teow or wan tan mee? Thinking back … how could we endure the crap food there? I think Uncle Anthony(the guy who cons everyone selling sweets and titbits) is still around … last I checked … about 2-3 years ago.

  12. the least we can hope is that the gahmen dun bring in any m***y guru besar/penolong kanan/guru disiplin to ruin the school like wat they did to the once distinguished pfs.

    and i bet the chapel in the school is going to be closed down too once that happen.

  13. ks – My rate very low only, my invoice on the way to you liao.

    chocolateylife – Hi! Glad I did this post for ks and got so many ex-Xaverians reading. Yeah, it is very new but still stinks. Hahaha.

    linsey – Actually, I did before but it is of the same tiles except without the urinals. Clean and nice bathrooms too.

    sooi – No need to say lah. CLS, CGL semua oso kena like that what.

    toxicle – Another Xaverian? Hahaha. I think the canteen is the same ahpek there lah. They look very seasoned already.

    daryl – Down memory lane, huh?

    ks – HOI, pangsai, pangjui, somemore got what to do lah? Ish!

    sotong – Maybe you all younger don’t suffer those real mission brothers from Germany, Poland, England….That wan can mampus ler, their discipline so tough.

    LC Teh – Wuah, another Xaverian.

  14. Wah! Do I detect hint of “sedih” THE Brother Paul is retiring? Got any “special”reason, Lilian? LOL!!! PIBG and school board should scout around now for good layman principal to take over, preferably ex-student with strong school spirit, otherwise…..once Brother Paul makes his exit, sure tenggelam one!!! Over here, school board quite influential! My school oso Mission school but was gangster school (U read in papers? May noyt be right but tat one arrested oso from my school, I tink!But then, should be during the time of the Brothers. Maybe got abused so badly, now psychologically affected??) but for the last 4 or 5 years,lucky to have good principals…so now, shooting up!!!

  15. Good layman principal? Word along the grapevine is that the new pricipal will come from the ranks of the existing office staff; i.e. Mdm. Betty Wong. Not to say anything but most of the pupils in school are shivering in their not-so-white shoes at the prospect.

  16. P.S. To mention it… a lot of the teachers too don’t like the prospect of having to face her as the head of the school.

  17. Another thing… she definitely will not live up to SXI traditions and standards. She can’t even spell “Xaverian” properly… Spells it like “Xavierian”

  18. hyep…
    i’m from 2009 student from 5arts3…
    yg i ingat kat s.x.i nie mcam2…
    tp yg paling x ley i lpe kan,…
    stiap kali denda kna jew mesty kna byar duit…
    smpai skarang fine slip 2 i smpan untuk knanagn…

  19. 2 all my teacher that ever tought me…
    i wiss u all…
    all the best and gud luck….

    -from mueiz’09’-

    p.s:-king of sleep in class 5arts3….

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