I told you so!

Best! I wanna rub it in.

I told you so!

I told you so!

I told you so!

I told you so!

I told you so!

Hiaks, hiaks, hiaks…..



*evil laughters*

*make farting sound with armpit*

How many times have we been ‘cha tou’, terkena, ‘tneh tiau’, felt the frustration when someone tells it in our face….’I told you so!’

20 thoughts on “I told you so!

  1. Oh, I’d love to be the one who say ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ loud loud in the face of people who deserve it~! Feel damn nice in the ass lah…

  2. There is no longer a Bukit Merah exit/toll booth along the NSE. I am saving you people the trouble even thinking about going there. I demolished it. BUKIT MERAH LAKE TOWN SUCKS!!!!

    In case you people are wondering about this post, its all about me. Thank you, Ah Lian. You had to. C*bai!

  3. Wei! WINGZ, saya makan cili, you rasa pedas pulak. Bwahahahaha!

    Is there something we should know and you are not telling????????

  4. sigh*
    i felt it every times whenever someone come up to me and say “I told you so”

    I would felt offensive and try to defend it myself. “So what?! I like it ma..and I still believe my feelings is right. My intuition is never wrong…. I still gonna persist despite that I knew i gonna be hurt.”

    =) that’s me and my ego. So what…next time if anyone come up and kena my flare, “I told you so @ 5xmom blog” If you don’t know, that means u nvr read 5xmom.

    eh, 5xmom… can i add u on ur msn? if u ever had 1 lar.

  5. LOL…. padan muka de fler which you have to say i told you so… wahahaha… the paling chun one is to beat box with armpit la… tu yang power skali!!!!

    tai sei…

    *together with lilian rub the ketiak

    oh.. nice face lift you have… design cantik lak tu.. but.. how come no boney m hair geh.. .that is your signature wo

  6. cincau – Comment # 5 from Ah Beng? This message is intended for him. For not listening to me. Muahahar.

    zewt – Community message – Avoid Bukit Merah at all cost. It sucks. Someone refused to listen to me so mah no regret lor.

    wuching – I told u not to get married. LOL.

    mott – Hahaha, I dunno bloggerwave is a scam?

    shireen – Lucky u my e-kai mui (chewah, I tak mengaku tua wan) or else Ah Beng said he wanna go burn yr house down liao. I told him cannot touch cos u my e-kai mui.

    frostier – Eh, I thot got liao? Can. Ask cincau or sky or wingz or belle or meiyee or….LOL

    Ah Beng – Eh, you find your way back to civilisation liao? Hiaks….I told you so.

    Ah Beng & Wingz – Wuah, you two same person kah? One post at 18:04, one at 18:06

    wingz – apasal lu pedas leh?

    clare – Yalah, when we say it nice lah. When people tell us, dem tiu lah.

    erin – Nay, replied liao.

    daryl – Hahaha, the person has spoken. Lousy deal he got.

  7. melvin – enuff liao, later ah beng blue black

    ks – I MSN and tell you lah, dis wan cannot make public wan.

    yvonne – Oh sure! LOL. But must wait I lose another 5 kgs. LOL

  8. My laptop failed me recently. Still in service centre… sob.. sob..
    But wah… i like your new blog theme…
    long time no see, suddenly so sweet and innocent
    I guess I missed so many part of your blog.
    Pray my laptop come back by next week.
    Now I am like bo-chiu bo-ka (no hands, no legs)

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