A ‘My kid is cuter than your kid’ post


This is my kid. He is four years old. He just got a Game Boy Advance about a week ago. This photo is taken outside his doctor’s clinic. So, I was borrowed his Game Boy and played Super Mario. And he shouted, “Haiyor….mommy why you so clumsy one? You must jump when the tortoise come.” And I said, “Huh? I thot I can ride on the tortoise? No meh?” And all the people waiting for their respective doctors must be stifling laughs at clumsy mummy.

And last Saturday, both him and I were in the car while my atm and #1 son went into the shop to see some Kawasaki bikes in Autocity. The air-cond was blasting in the hot afternoon. Then, I feel a tummy ache and told him, “Let’s get down the car and ask papa to hurry up ‘cos I tummy ache already.”

So, we got down and atm showed him the little bikes which are so cute……All types of miniature versions. Then, atm showed him the Honda big bike which costs RM140K with aircond somemore. Ding dong ding dong…he went around the shop with the shop owner trailing around them. The shop taukeh soh knows this is potential customer mah.


Manatau, out of nowhere, my toddler suddenly remembered,

“Oi, papa hurry up, mommy wants to pangsai liao”.

(pangsai liao = shit already) Doink. *slaps forehead, red faced* The whole world also can hear his voice. Mana mau lari?

9 thoughts on “A ‘My kid is cuter than your kid’ post

  1. hahah..i NEVER tell my kid if I ever want to pangsai….I know for sure, he’ll sing loud loud, MAMA POO POO!!!!!

    but .. he does it to his Papa alot…kakakakakakaakakkaak!!!!

  2. Just came back and now blog hopping. Wow, new theme. I thought i gone to a wrong blog or what. Nice one :nodding:

    Pangsai ah? Kekekee. Lucky my son not yet fully know how to say things.. or he will say “Papa berak” many times.
    Cute boy there. mine next month 3yrs(if u ask lah) :blushing icon here:

  3. papa – No need to blush blush la, we all parents memang suka sembang pasal anak.

    mott – I really paiseh ler cos suddenly, everyone cabut out of the shop to help me find the cleanest toilet (gate crash McD nearby).

    terence – Why so funny wor. You everyday oso tell me you wanna pangsai, I oso no laugh. Hahaha.

  4. walao… ur son so smart one know all those bombastic words like “pangsai” and “clumsy” XD must be your good education lor… ahhaa

    but it’s all good 🙂 i’m sure he’ll grow up to be a real smart boy (and ganas like his mom)

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