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What is lah?

Chris Merriman asked what is ‘lah’ that we use so often. Chris, I am so pleased you ask. ‘lah’ is an expression that we love to use to emphasise things. For example, if we want to urge someone to do something for us like ‘come on, let’s go, we just say, “Come lah!” So, it is just a nice addition to many things to make our English more Malaysians. Anyone can give a better explanation of ‘lah’ to Chris?



Jeng, jeng, jeng….my new phone to replace the SE630 dinosaur I had. Initially, a few friends recommended it but I said the K800i is like grandpa’s phone. (that’s the message I got on SMS from Terence “Say ugly. All you say lah.”) But when I got it, it is so cun, man. Great pics from the Sony Cybershot camera. Nice radio and music. Beautiful recordings. Good keypad for SMS. 3G. And it is not too menonjol mata. I saw the W880 which is orange and black. So slim and so nice but dare not get it ‘cos I don’t want to risk getting robbed over a phone. BTW, those of you with young children, don’t let them carry handphones ‘cos snatch thieves hang around the schools areas to snatch them. Happens all the time at the backlane of St. Xavier. Cost – Only RM1,4++.

Anyway….the phone is a result of the ‘teh’ power. My darling atm just brought it home two evenings ago. Heh, no need to ask wan, just ‘teh’ a bit oni. Ish, should have made ‘teh-kau’ and I could have a Nokia N95 or a Dopod.


I have put a poll at the sidebar. Kawan-kawan sekalian, lengluis semua, go vote as many times as you like. This one is Barisan mia kind of voting. LOL It runs for a week and by the end of the polling, I will give one t-shirt each to the top three. I have made the payment, including postage with So, all the winner needs to do is to send Yvonne the size, colour and their address. Good luck guys!

So, did I confuse you all with too many titles?

1) What is ‘lah’
2) Say my phone nice or not?
3) Vote for three hottest male bloggers


46 thoughts on “Lah, K800i, Hottest Male Bloggers and Hottest Female Bloggers

  1. No. I should also participate in the hottest female bloggers you know. Not gender mistake. Just that lately I also quite emo – whereby they can applies to ladies. Secondly, i spread lies and last I am snaking all the time. meaning jobless lor.


  2. And yeah, I still believe that Christianity is a religion which teaches one to worship a half-naked, bleeding Roman criminal swinging from a cross.

    Do you deny that?

  3. aunty.. if u have long nails.. beware of stratching the keypad. also, beware of weird characters. also beware of stratching the camera cover. also beware that the camera cover can easily become loose, also, if u’re searching for contacts that start with A (eg: anne, etc) you’ll need to scroll down.

    got a lot of bewares for this phone. i have one. πŸ˜€

  4. cincau – Kenot…tobelerone all mine. Go buy yr own. But tks for the bewares. Lucky my nails short cos I need to dig my eyes for the contacts lenses.

    menj – LOL, I took a big circle around and only asked if Boss Lepton got popcorn and coke to accompany the gun powder smell. I don’t know how this post links to yours. But heck, I don’t care what you said about my Lord, the God. I am seasoned to it. He knows how to take care of Himself, thank you very much (to all the defenders I mean). I think it is pretty cool be half naked, a bad boy criminal and yet, still remains my personal Saviour.

    frostier – LOL, nuffnang is hiring. java/php?

    splashmilk banner dem cun!

  5. I’d like it better if it’s RED. I wanna change my phone’s casing to RED!!!! iWant iWant!!! RED RED RED!!! And hoh…. i teh-ed for the N95…………….. sigh………. no luck πŸ™

    Looks like if iWant the N95, PPP gotta sponsor loh….

  6. I believe the word lah is derived from arabic. In arabic, lah/la means no. Muslims use the phrase, “la illaha illallah”. When we say it out loud, the first word is stressed to give an emphasis to the word no.

    In the course of time, the phrase is picked up by asians particularly in malaysia and singapore and shortened to just a lah. We’d hear phrases from previous generations, like, “la budak ni! Degil betul!” from a parent chiding their kids for example.

    Later with due popularity of the word, it was only time when its picked up by others because of the versatility and colourful emphasis of the meaning.

  7. 1) What is Γ’β‚¬ΛœlahÒ€ℒ: In Malaysia, just put a ‘lah’ at the end of every sentence. JUST DO IT lah. Doesnt matter where the word came from LAH.
    2) Say my phone nice or not?: Same answer LAH, “Say ugly? All you say LAH.
    3) Vote for three hottest male bloggers: Ah Pek sure win LAH. Trust me LAH.
    4) Check out hottest female bloggers: No need LAH. You already the hottest LAH.

    Chris, get it? If you are in Malaysia lah, just use it all the time lah. Dont worry lah. Just be happy lah. You just wont go wrong lah. Cheers.

  8. wahh u bought the phone!! it’s nice! =D

    vote as many times as u like?? wah..can click till day end today! =P hehehehh

  9. Hi..just drop by..
    I have K800 too..
    beware of the joystick..
    my k800 having joystick problem.. TT
    overall for tis k800 is nice..
    just bewarw of the lens cover and joystick..

  10. K800i! Now that’s a great phone. Having it and loving it! (STILL!!)
    Good choice i’d say.
    Btw mind teaching me how to make”teh kau”? good knowledge should be shared, no? πŸ™‚

  11. eh aunty, the hottest male blogger is ur copyright, cannot deny that, but the hottest female blogger is mine …

    we need to talk …

    i might have to resort to legal action …

  12. 1) What is Γ’β‚¬ΛœlahÒ€ℒ – ‘LAH’ acts like a full stop to every sentence in Malaysian’s unique langauge (Manglish) Haha!

    2) Say my phone nice or not? – Nice! I’ve always been a Sony Ericsson’s supporter because the speaker damn power. I like!

    3) Vote for three hottest male bloggers – Ah Pek aka Tom Selleck sure win wan. Period!

    4) Check out hottest female bloggers – Auntie Lilian is the champion. Period! No need what hottest female bloggers list, waste time only!

  13. 1) What is Γ’β‚¬ΛœlahÒ€ℒ : An expression to soften the tone or uncertainty pause. E.g. Come with me lah, don’t want lah, a little bit only lah. A Mandarin verbal usage that invading Malaysia everyday language. πŸ˜‰ So Marina, you get it all wrong :p

    2) Say my phone nice or not? Nice, nicer than my 7 years old phone.

    3) Vote for three hottest male bloggers. I prefer to do No 4.

    4) Check out hottest female bloggers
    Doing it, everyday πŸ™‚

  14. nick – tks! I love the camera too.

    moo_t – Wuah…where you get the Mandarin theory lah? I think it is more like Rina’s explanation. *sked war broke out*

    frostier – We got emails from nuffnang say they hiring mah. LOL, Hello World tarak boleh lah.

    clare – No wonder AhPek so many sapoters lah. He must be grinning from ear to ear. Heh, #4, paiseh lah, I don’t belong in that category anymore.

    andrew – Aisay, you never show up earlier…

    earl-ku – Oi, apa kena mengena dengan saya tuan? That one Cedric’s own idea, I langsung tarak involve one wokay? You wanna tok, tok to him lah, lawyer-wannabe + monkey.

    sasha – We all Hainanese clever kopi and teh wan mah, hor?

    sharon – That one cannot teach wan, top secret. Hehehe.

  15. samm – No choice wor. I told you not buying liao manatau, he bawak balik. Lucky it is so nice or else I kena liao.

    moses – I wanted a pink one, those clam shell type but they say the K800i camera is good so I was in-between.

    rina – I also got the theory of the la from what you said. Cos I grew up speaking BM like Malays do and use it all the time.

    terence – You better go hide in Thaicock. Think I didn’t see your comment in Cedric’s place. Niamah lu, jaga lu. Padan muka lu kena puki merah sux max mia weekend. Bad karma lu. Cilaka lu. Blek. (puki merah = Bukit Merah in case ppl think what)

    huei – Yalor, you oso remember I left the comment in your blog hor? Same day, my atm bawak balik the phone for me. So nice. Eh, how many times you voted for ahpek ha? How come his votes sooooooo manyak. Go, Ahpek, Go!

  16. Woi! Dont mix the 2 blogs together ar! Settle that issue there not here! Blekx2!

    *Hiding in Thaicock eating lychee, bye.(pun intended)* LOL

  17. terence – I am a woeman, I don’t think like this wan. Skali beh shiok, I tarik the 18 levels ancestors to 9 descendants and tarik masuk air wan. I cincang skali. Go lah, Thaicock eating lychees konon. Kena your Hainanese typhoon, your head oso grow lychees. I dare you. I kasi free ticket somemore. Go lah.

  18. clare – Wait I meet you….I sure kasi one smack on yr butt. LOL. Me – Most Obnoxious along with Perez Hilton. Fuyoh…..I so bangga man!

    sotongzai – Yeah, skali we war, from Melaka to Penang, all the states in between oso flatten. You in KL, watch out. Hahaha. Typhoon.

  19. is it, tiau salah orang pulak, ok ok i will name u as the thrid defendant, coz u helped …

    cedric as first defendant, splashmilk and u as sesond and third … u wait for my surat loyar …

  20. Typhoon??? Blowing whole afternoon liao. Suddenly my Vaio became hers. Like that also can wor.

  21. KENNY – A THOUSAND APOLOGIES LAH, SEI JOR! I do the code time, I ter-missed the name. AIYOYO, MALU NYER SAYA. Nvm, I ordered 4 tees, so reserved one for you liao. Kehkehkeh.

    earl – wuah…i wait lah likedis

    minny – Ya, he wanna bribe me feature him, I say i no take bribes wan. LOL

  22. Aiks… no need say sorry lah, I don’t really want to compete this ma. Got the most rock blogger award ah? I want that…. LOL. Anyway… Thanks

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