LOL, nuffnang is hotter than Paris Hilton on Technorati

I was browsing through [tag]Technorati[/tag] for some blogging ideas and stumbled upon this:


Screenshot taken from Technorati on Monday, 16th April 2007 at 4.45 pm. See? [tag]nuffnang[/tag] is on position #4. Above [tag]Paris Hilton[/tag]. You say hot or not lah? LOL. Anyway, it is not easy to get onto Technorati searches and unless you want to do so, you can try putting a naked photos of yours and hope it happens to you. I wonder if it is Boss Stewie’s belly dancing photo that did it? Hmm…you haven’t seen Timothy’s as a belly dancer? Aiyor…how can. Check out my e-kai-mui’s for the pic. But I am not responsible for the side effects on your sex life after you view the pic, ok? (photo can be found on this post)

P/S – The orange WTF you see there is not what da fark but Technorati’s Where’s the Fire. WTF? Geddit?

One thought on “LOL, nuffnang is hotter than Paris Hilton on Technorati

  1. FULAMAK!!!! E-kaijehhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! *kembannggggggggggg

    ten chu for plugging me $D $D $D

    *faster run to kitchen and sediakan some minuman.

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