Flirting on MSN

Heh, I caught your attention didn’t I? How many of you out there do this all the time? Maybe not specifically MSN but Yahoo, AIM, Google talk, IRC or whatever instant messaging services?

So many things that we wouldn’t have dare uttered in real life can easily flushed out in that few emoticons and words. It is real easy to get lost in that kind of stuffs if you are a witty person. Add chemistry to it and wham, fireworks erupt. I can do it till 3-4 am sometimes. Not the romantic kind but still on a very special level.

Many marriages were based on this. Yet, many marriages failed because of this too. Well, if one is single and available, there is nothing wrong with it at all. But often, things don’t always go by the rule.

Anyway, who am I to preach, right? Whether you have been indulging in these sort of imaginary relationship or not, it is none of my business. But recently, I found someone on MSN. Someone new. And he and I had been messaging each other.


Now, I know all of you will be sitting up straight.

Rubbing eyes.

Heart thumping.


Getting excited.

My haters will be sneering……

My relatives will be worrying….

People will be wondering…

WTF, didn’t 5xmom said her sons read her blog?

Her sons’ friends read her blog?

Her church members, the holy-holy people read it too?

My Chao Ah Beng probably says…”Oi, you got take medicine yet or not?”

My close buddies will be screaming, “LILIAN, are you out of your mind? Are you confessing your crush on someone?”


Eheh, you are all wrong.

Just today, I told Samm on MSN.

Me : I ttyl. Gotta go ‘teh’ now

Samm : Lucky you. Mine is in the opis.

Me : Yeah, so is mine. I can ‘teh’ on MSN too.

Yes, my dear hubby just got to know MSN and I am the only one on his MSN. Oh yeah, besides that he has #1 and #2 sons MSN as well. We have four PCs at home and the other day, all of us were on MSN, discussing where to go for dinner and where to go for holiday. We were all in different rooms, you see. It is call family bonding.

And yeah, I can flirt all I want ‘cos this is one contact that I want to ignite the romance with. This is one that I can safely tell him I love him. I can nudge him when I am bored and I know he wouldn’t scold me ‘cilaka, people gotta work wan you know?’. This is one which I can call all sorts of nicknames.

However, that said, I am thankful that I have a few who is close enough to tell me, “Oi, I go pangsai first, brb”. Or those that will tell me what they eat for lunch, right down to the baked beans and eggs or those who knows when to MSN me when they can sense when I am feeling down through the entries on my blog. Or not to disturb me when they know I am busy writing paid posts to make a living. I love you all too.

Moral of the story? Don’t listen to too many love songs on your new K800i. You can get mindfucked and blabber stuffs like these. And yeah, online affair is nasty, stay away from it. Know when to remain friends, draw the line and know what is betrayal.

Faster, faster, confess, you got or not ah?

30 thoughts on “Flirting on MSN

  1. ehh not a bad idea wor, flirting on msn wif dear dear… XD (actually i do that all the time hehe..)

    and aiyark just next door nia can juz go talk ma… dun be like me and my brother (oso nxt door onli still need msn wif him )

  2. very good! certainly got me thinking. and gee… your husband JUST got to know msn?

    well, at least you’re sure he didnt have any online thing… you on the other hand…. 😛

  3. zewt – Complete yr sentence please 😛

    shoppingmum – Soli hor, that day Samm wanna 3-some with me but I was in the middle of some hot sizzling action, cannot accept the 3-some offer. 😛

    conan – Sometimes, it is nice to MSN within the same house wor. Very chummy instead of father, mother and sons.

    frostier – You become 18 pieces, spread out from KL to Penang time, then, we know what happened to you lah.

  4. Hoiyoh… now wat jeneration liao msn till late where got count as lovey dovey a… even lauzhek like me also know how to pway msn lar… sometimes cannot sleep, tutuho saw some fwens still online called “love” ka? Some ppl rilly bodo…

  5. lauzhek – Slowly, slowly, drink water first. I forget to say that Samm is a woman hor? Not male. But wait, you tokking about me or who ah?

  6. Not you lah amboi… dont tink so much ok? My wife also no rasa when she know i got many on9 fwens. Aiyah some people, call themselves “young” but their thinking… kanasai leh…

  7. OIC….I sked u misunderstood with my 3-some with samm mah. I very sensitive wan. Eh we two like MSN oso hor? 3-4 am somemore exchange comments. LOL

  8. Heh, very well written post. Mmm kuai wai ngor geh au jiong. Keke~

    I’m heading down to Penang this weekend, wonder if I’m gonna bump into one of my favourite blogger. Ahem. *hint hint* LOL.

  9. Err…what is this MSN?? BSN, I know…Bank Simpanan Nasional! LOL! Wah! Cyber love affair kah? Reminds me of that Jane Fonda sci-fi space movie long long long time ago – “Barbarella”! They made love by holding out one hand…and they didn’t even touch. Got syok meh like dat? Ka ka ka ka!

  10. haha..damn good post..but i find it so ironic..cannot talk face to face but want to do it on msn..i guess thats kinda cool also la..but u got me there for a sec

  11. Ah Beng – Nemind, plenty of Ah Bengs waiting with numbers.

    clare – LOL, how lah? Tell how you date on MSN.

    gallivanter – True lah, this way we got down to the level of the teens and they get to jibe us back without getting killer stares.

    wuching – Cis, you never even ask ‘how are you’ terus asked me PPP questions. What kind of fren lah.

    mendee – hahaha, yeah, no one can say you are talking

    uncle sha – Thanks but no thanks. I don’t do this stuffs. Read properly? Hahaha. I bet you got plenty of SYTs to chat with.

    frostier – Cook curry.

    lotsofcraving – It is fun, try it.

    sasha – Yeah, we did that too. But my atm lazy to fire up his opis laptop. Oh ya, we also got MSN talk. With the door closed, we dial each other and talk. LOL.

    STP – Apalah lu. Read more of my blog and learn to be young a bit lah. Eh, tell me lah, you got leaked the secret that I got blog about Bro. Paul ah?

    huei – Confessions! I do that every year with my church priest wor. Very therapeutic wan.

    ewen – See lah, weekend I usually jalan jalan all over town wan. But not sure what’s the plan for this weekend yet.

  12. Hehe, i also always yee yee yap yap with my hubby using msn eventhough he sitting beside me on the dining table. hahaha, whatever we are chatting, nobody will knows..

  13. if cannot go out dating due to assignment or any other blardy things that keep us at home, tuned in to MSN and date there lah! so instead of meeting up and chat, we met up virtually and chat lor…summore can get works and assignments done also. Very the productive. Hahahaha~!!!

    But hor, someone you add sometimes didn’t turn up like what they are supposed to be…they bug you all the time. There’s this guy who bugs me all the time like ‘are you busy?’ , ‘i call you now?’ or ‘when u not busy u tell me, i call you’ , ‘wanna have phone sex?’, ‘entertain me’ …Celaka punya SOB! Terus i blocked him!

  14. “And yeah, I can flirt all I want ‘cos this is one contact that I want to ignite the romance with. This is one that I can safely tell him I love him. I can nudge him when I am bored and I know he wouldn’t scold me ‘cilaka, people gotta work wan you know?’. This is one which I can call all sorts of nicknames.”

    When I reread this post, this part touch me just as much as it did the first time I read. If I were to see this on another blog, I probably feel shivers down my spine. But coming from you, it’s a warm lovey dovey sorta feeling. Awww~

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