Marketing Monkey

What makes a blog stands out? What drives people to return to a blog again and again. Everyday they must log in without fail? Is it just purely good information? Tell me, how many of you like a blog which is just filled with boring but useful information? In no time, we will have information overloaded.

So, when Marketing Monkey comes along, I realised, ‘aha, this is just my type’. Wait, I am not making a typing error. It is not Marketing Money but MONKEY. Geddit? Monkey as in agile, cunning, swift, entertaining and clever. So, if a blog has this title, what do you think it offers?

Of course, all the traits of a monkey and more. I like Marketing Monkey because of the sense of humor from even the most boring topic. Seriously, there are millions of blogs out there teaching you how to make money and stuffs but when we have too many, they get really really boring. So, when one is written with a dash of humor, sarcasm and wit, it stands out. Check out if you enjoy this sort of approach to blogging. I know I love to write in that manner because it is entertaining, makes you cringe and yet addictive.

*This post is brought to you by Marketing Monkey*

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