Another KNN meme – Layer by layer fact

On the Outside

Name: Ah Lian aka 5xmom aka Lilian aka Most Obnoxious Blogger after Perez Hilton

Date of birth: 7th September

Current status: Married, I think. But accepting marriage proposals from rich, horny angmohs with Swiss accounts and Swiss villas, Swiss knife, dun count ok?

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Black with brown highlights

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Zodiac: The perfectionist Virgin – Virgo lah

On the Inside

Heritage: Hainanese Chinese Malaysian

Fear: Of worms and kepoh men

Weakness: for moustache men and chocolates

Your perfect pizza: I hate pizza

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up: Huh? Am I suppose to think? Who cares lah. I open my eyes, open my laptop, open my bowel and bladder and I think I never think of anything. But if you count, the little prayers I normally say before I open my eyes, then, it is different. So, my prayers very standard one, Jesus said He no need to listen also know liao. I normally keep in my thoughts for God to watch over my children and husband, keep us all safe and healthy and happy and sometimes, ask God to protect and heal those who are sick or in trouble.

Your bedtime: 3-4am in the morning

Your most missed memory: Cannot tell. My husband reads my blog, I suspect. But hor, missed those dramatic quarrels I like to act out like a true drama queen when we were living together that time. Now got kids already so kenot play ‘run away from home’ or ‘not ever going to talk to you evarrr’ or ‘throw every damn thing in the house’ drama.

Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Neither

McDees or Burger King: No Burger King here, how to like? Both also don’t like, anyway.

Single or Group Dates: Single, or threesomes counted as group?

Adidas or Nike: Ptui!

Lipton Tea or Nestea: Blek

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla is for Ah Kuas

Cappucino or coffee: Cappucino is for Ah Kuas

Do you…
Smoke: Got but it was because they gave free Salem in discos last time.

Curse: All the time

In the past month
Drank alcohol: Yeap. Like a fish.

Gone to the mall: You think I recluse issit? Of course lah. I so rich from writing paid posts, so hari hari oso can buy stuffs.

Been on stage: I like the adrenalin rush. I am an attention seeker. Lately, no chance but does lectoring (reading the Bible) to a bunch of critical, old, pious Catholics who stare at you blankly count? I tell you lah, it is worse than anything else. *thinking of dropping out*

Eaten sushi: I prefer sashimi, i.e. I hate the rice, only like the raw stuffs

Dyed your hair: Yes, two months once ‘cos I can’t stand the black roots against brown ends

Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: Heh, one-to-one, as in strip poker got lah. Every girl must do that at least once so that she can bragged about it, ok?

Changed who you were to fit in: Not really. I tried but usually my real self will screw things up. From showing black face to mother-in-law to showing middle finger to colleagues to fucking elitist bloggers. I don’t believe in changing self to fit in anywhere. I hate fakey people. I can smell them from a mile.

Age you’re hoping to be married: Anytime, any day. Yes! Yes! Yes! Got any horny, rich, Swiss angmohs boh?

In a guy/girl
Best eye color: Ocean blue that mesmerises me.

Hair color: Blonde or blue also can

Short or long hair: Bald. Chup, did I just say blonde? Ok, don’t care as long as it is not half-half bald. Wanna keep hair, make sure it is healthy grow. Otherwise, all bald is sexy.

What were you doing?
1 minute ago: Answering this stupid meme and wonder why I do it

1 hour ago: Giving my dear husband a foot massage and cussing ‘cos I missed the USD100 opp of 1K Tuesday

4 1/2 hours ago: Chatting on MSN, I think

1 month ago: Go click my blog and find out lah!

1 year ago: You crazy or what? Go click my blog and find out lah! (one, two, three)

Finish the sentence
I love: to khau horny, rich Swiss angmohs

I feel: tulan because Streamyx line is horrible and someone who is supposed to walk the talk never walk. Niamah lu.

I hate: people who never keep promise. Cilaka lu, you better pay up, or else…..

I hide: my flabs with Photoshop

I miss: time alone

I need: more sex (HAHAHAHAHAHA testing to see got people really read my replies)

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