Deputy Min. of Education Datuk Hon – Sharing toilets good idea?

Eh, Yang Berhormat Datuk, Lu ada makan ubat kah? Lu mau share toilets sama lu mia department mia janitors from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar jugak? I challenge you, if you do that, then, I respect your suggestion. If not, please move aside and let some hot mama like me to handle the department?

This is yet another ridiculous idea by our Minister to overcome their obssession with clean toilets.

PUTRAJAYA: Will sharing of toilets between teachers and students help maintain cleanliness in schools?

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Hon Choon Kim, who supports the idea, said teachers would be more aware of any maintenance needed and promptly alert the relevant authorities, if this was practised.

(full story on The Star)

I tell you lah, Datuk. It is not cleanliness we should concern first. It is how your Ministry is treating the teachers. You see, you don’t give them much pay. You don’t give them much respect. You want to deny them their tuition income. You took away their esteem. How do you expect teachers to be good examples when all these basic human needs are lacking?

It is not the toilets, it is the big red line that draws between, I am master, you are student principle. For God’s sake, for our country’s sake, for our future generation’s sake, you go squat in a primary school toilets kau-kau and then, you come and tell us if you think you can change thousands of 7 years old toilet habits? How can you even suggest these group of working professionals to shit and pee in peace along with the thousands of students?

I think the only thing these toilets need are more craps from high authority like you. Sweet!

Nah, I am not being disrespectful to the Minister, ok? I am being respectful to the teachers who are more important than one single Minister. I am defending our children. Because if we don’t have teachers who feel appreciated by the nation, our children’s future go to rots.

And nah, listen here. Dr. M said we bloggers should always write the truth mah. This one mah the truth lor.

Next time, I tell you how I drill my four kukujiaos to keep my house toilets clean. Very interesting one. Maybe the Government want to hire me as consultant to formulate the white papers to teach children how to keep the toilets clean?

18 thoughts on “Deputy Min. of Education Datuk Hon – Sharing toilets good idea?

  1. Dah lar students tak respek teachers these days, now the ministry is trying to make teachers look even bad. They expect teachers to line up with students in the toilet waiting for their turn meh?

  2. nice 1 i also thought wth is he thinking? Summore you have to reconstruct how many toilets and how much would it cost extra? better use the money to increase the pay of the teachers. I see teaching as the sacred of the most sacred profession in the world so anybody messing with them is messing with me.

  3. IMHO, It seems our dear MCA minster Hon has no KKC to ask his master to fund all the school with better toilet, so he come out with this stupid idea. How do you keep the toilet clean when the school with 1,000+ students(and SJK with 2x more students) and EXPENSIVE water bill and indah water bill?
    And not to forget the teacher MUST attend lots of student. If student occupied the toilet, then how? I don’t think our dear minister Hon is brave enough suggest his master to install RM400,000 toilet for every school .

  4. errr this is because the school toilets are often not well kept … so the sugestions are kinda good …

    the datuk why susah susah wanna share, all the toilets in his dept very clean edy wan ma …

  5. This is what you get when u get half educated idiots running the country. sometimes you do wonder what kind of idiots voted them into power?


  6. earl-ku – Lu puadah! You cannot disagree with me wan, ok? You siao or what? Expect the teachers to reprimand the students for simply shooting their wee-wee? We must respect teachers wan, they shee-shee, we cannot peek at their kukujiao mah. Or if got pedo teacher, habis lah the kids kena molest? Siao. Hrrrmpphhhh…

    moo_t – Not like the teachers dun have their own toilets now.

    boss lepton – Unless they change the folks who use the toilets, what world class toilets oso no use lah.

    sasha – Can can, another day lah.

    hcfoo – Ya lor. As if there is nothing else to say. Actually if the PIBG involve themselves more, they should see to this. Hire a permanent worker to keep it clean. Not like it is very expensive.

    sharina – They don’t know their priorities.

    suzy – 😛

  7. well there are always two sides to everything..teachers sharing toilets y not? u piss that time, can bonding session mah..mayb compare sizes of KKJ? dun look from such a negative point of view..a toilet is a toilet…u go shopping centre got toilet for old woman only and young woman separate? dun have mah..infact when i was in australia stayin in college..we hav unisex toilets also..why not??..

  8. lotsofcravings – Hehehe, you think our students can change their messy habits of wetting the floors just bcos the teachers are there? You been to a primary school toilet or not? Where kids shit in their pants cos many of them are not used to being away from the mama? They leave their shit and underwears on the floors type? You think you want to be a teacher somemore? See lah, next time must experience it real life baru talk. How to compare OZ with Malaysian toilets lah.

    terrence – Yeah, like they don’t have other issues to deal with.

  9. Wah! Itu orang tua kerepot tarak kerja lain ka? Share what toilet! Later kena molested by hum sup teachers how? He wan to take the ressponsibility hoh. Later when got case reported, we see mana dia mau lari. Sigh~! Another stupid minister talking cock!

  10. Malaysia Boleh! Our ministers are really creative, they can come up with a lot ideas that you’ll nvr think of in your life…

  11. aiyah i also once in primary school…but i didnt think primary school also haven teach potty training..nursery i knw shit in my pants la..but primary still can shit in their pants..i m speechless lor.. actually come to think abt it..the primary toilets so small size how to seat ar..i probably break the toilet bowl la..

    i sense alot of anger ler..don angry ar leng lui…i mean no harm..

  12. I probably never mentioned this but I’m actually a teacher in the making. Glad to know there are people who would defend teachers. Thanks, you made me very very relieved. (o=

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