Hottest Male, Hottest Female, Hottest everything (and Terrence Tattoo)


So, here are the four guys that I wish to give a complimentary gift to for taking part in the Hottest Male Blogger thingie. I have paid for the four t-shirts with Yvonne, so all they need is to arrange for delivery. I have paid for postage too. I wish I can afford ten pieces but sorry lah, pokkai ler.

Hold your breath, drum roll please…..Please note that there is no ‘who is hotter than who nor who gets more votes’ It was just for fun so it doesn’t matter, right?

They are Zeo, James, Kenny Ng and AhPek.


Well, hehehe, the real butt cannot be shown here or else skali, I kena parang. Moreover, the Mr. T is currently away and I can only post the tattoo up in another few days. But never mind, I substitute with another Terrence. Check out his blog just started a few days ago. See? I keep my promise of getting tattoo and half nekid pic.

Go say hi to Terrence The Narcistic Jerk. Now, if only I can get all the male bloggers to post in their boxers…then, this blog will be smoking hot.

In conclusion – Thanks to the male bloggers for taking part.

Thanks Terrence for the pic. (I hope your photobucket doesn’t go over bandwith. If it does, tell me, ok?)

22 thoughts on “Hottest Male, Hottest Female, Hottest everything (and Terrence Tattoo)

  1. yalor! we all know u can go de!! haha many guys out there loves matured women too ok!! 😀 😀 we all supot!!!!!!!

    anyway, wow really hot guy there XD

  2. I support you, Lilian. There too many mui mui jai and I think it’s time to feature hot and mature female bloggers.

  3. uh..what u write?

    sorry la..i salivating over the terence pix…….


  4. You have my support too lilian……………… GO! Siapa Boleh? Lilian BOLEH!!! Wah!!! Beh tahan sama itu Terrence leh, wear boxer and take photo. Hope the Marriot staff tarak pengsan when see him (not mistaken he is there when taking this pic)

  5. Boxers?! Real Chao Ah Bengs all commando one. Only during CNY we wear RED colour one.

    Celaka, semua lu mau sapu! Leave the hottest female blogger alone lah. You already too hot liao. Panassssssss………………

  6. Ah Beng – Heh, cybercafe got no aircond issit? Niamah. Sked leh….worry I post your butt up leh.

    Erina – Wuah…mana lu nampak the hotel sign? You must check really close-up. LOL, Lawrence knows or not.

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