“Is that your wife or your mother, ah?”

Recently, I notice that old, old men have been ogling me. It is not flattering, wokay? But then again, some are quite hensem as in looking rather rich and respectable. So, I had done some observations these few days and come to some realisation.

A couple of years ago, I do have this fear that I am beginning to look older than my husband eventhough I am four years younger than him. I have a post somewhere. Then, my little baby has grown up a lot and I no longer have to spend so much time on him like changing diapers, burping, breastfeeding etc and therefore, I can afford to take care of myself more.

So, currently, I don’t have that little nagging feelings anymore. But ok lah, I know I am not 18-22 and hence, older men, as those in their late fourties and fifties, sixties, eeekkk…seventies, dey, eighties can died di….do still take a second glance at women. I suppose it is their natural, male species instinct. And I observed something very frightening!

Their wives are really old already. Some of these men are still muscular, well kept hair, dressed well and body not bengkang-bengkok. I bet they probably still ‘function’? But hor…the wives all kerepot already lah! They dun take care of their hair, skin, dressing and most of all, their womanly charm. Most of the times, they will pok-pek-pok-pek away talking about the 20 sens difference between Tesco and Giant or comparing which fishes are cheaper while their husbands’ eyes are roaming.


Therefore, I vow to make sure that I don’t end up looking like my husband’s mother one day. I want to remain the lovely couple or grow old together together. And if that old man of mine wanna become kerepot (crumply and wrinkled), I also will continue staying young. Haiyor….manatau, got horny Swiss angmohs (caucasian) with Swiss villa wanna woo me, leh?


So, remember hor, all the wives out there, don’t ever let yourself go. If not, it is a road of no return. Take charge of your health, your beauty and your esteem. If you focus too much on others, I tell you, you are going to wake up one day and realised that you have lost that self of yours.

My current obessession :

1) Two Imedeen plus everyday;

2) Wakame Soya protein drink, gifts from Samm (want to buy, go ask her)

3) Lots of veges (cos my crazy body gets sick if I binge too much on meats)

4) SKII, lots of it.

5) Bitch a lot to release those tensions or else I get wrinkles

6) Shop a lot all the time

7) Keep companies with the young ones like stay tune to my teenage sons interests

8 ) Keep a couple of toyboys LOL (did I actually say that aloud?)

9) Just do it, whatever stuffs I feel like doing

10) Pamper my self, skin, emotions

So, ladies…..the married ones, take care of yourself.

The spinsters one….take double care of yourself and hopefully with a double dose of good luck……

The young ones, don’t wait, start taking care of yourself.

(read my Women Only! blog for tips on my beauty secrets, ok? heh, I am not too ugly, ok?)

So, peeps, you ever seen before? The wives that look like the men’s older sisters or even worse, mothers? Scary, right?

19 thoughts on ““Is that your wife or your mother, ah?”

  1. Am the first!! WOOT!!
    YEAH! u go mum!! Am 22 this year and someone actually think that am my mum’s sister!! ahaha! and when i take my younger sister (She’s 11) out ppl thnk that she is my daughter!!!

  2. i’m hoping that looking youthful is in my genes. my mom looks way younger than her age, my ‘other-side-of-40’ sister looks like she’s in her early 30s (and sometimes acts younger than me!) and my other sister and i… well… we’re still young!

    people used to wonder if my mom & my kak long are sisters – which made my mom’s day, but makes my kak long go “oh, no! do i look that old??”


  3. we must take care of ourselves!! so that it’s guys who fear us being kaoed instead of we having fear that they go find younger gals!! heheh =P

  4. Oh…..! Was that the reason why u were cruising around Gurney yesterday evening/nite??? Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Did u see a fat, old man???

  5. yeah……agree absolutely with your thoughts & thanks for slapping d reminder!! though only starting my 30’s but i already have d same fear as u & so i’ve been trying hard to keep myself well too. So now i’ll even make sure this task would be kept as one of d priority…..(^_^) !!!!!!!

  6. See couples like that all the time. Always tell my husband I don’t want to be like that one way leh. I am scared too, coz people always think he’s in his early to mid 20s. Have to work double hard on that. must. not. age. faster. than. him. damn it.
    Same thing goes to my mum, people always say she looks a lot younger than she really is. Don’t like to go out with her when there’s chances to bump into the aunty type, they tend to make comments like ‘eh, you and your daughter look like sister wo’. I hope I inherited her good genes. Haha.

  7. Your beauty/health regime, i very kow-tow la. I really respect those who go through those regime to take good care of their beauty/health. Me, I very very very de malas one. And very not disciplined! Ask me to diligently take supplements oso I follow for a few weeks, thereafter “oh yah hor, I forgot to take today!”. Cannot la, really cannot la … beauty steps oso wash face, toner, and then slap on some Cellnique, that’s all! How la how la, I oso don’t want to grow haggard lar …..

  8. why ah? why ah? even Singaporean girls are looking freaking much older than they ought to? Can buy cigerattes and 4D – the shopkeeps dont blink an eye.

  9. mendee – Have to keep to it ler. Sometimes, I already lie down in bed and forget, dig myself out again to slap on the Miracle water or wateva SKII call that smelly like saliva essence LOL. And eat that smelly like fish foods Imedeen. What I sked most is people asking me if my toddler is my grandkid. I tell you, I will sure murder them on the spot with my bare hands. LOL

    cc – Yalor, I see into the future by 8pohing (pat poh, kepoh, busy body) those old couples and quickly start taking things in my hands now. Or else, habis. As men get older, they get miang-er wan LOL. You don’t believe just see the bloggers. Nay…that AhPek.

    jacs – Yayaya, do that. But sometimes, having a new baby can suck out all those energy. But if you are single, must take extra care too. I forget, slap on moisturisers from finger tips to toe tips too. Hahaha. I am mad.

    STP – DOM on the prowl?

    huei – Now hor, I even got my sons to giggle with like ‘who is handsome’. Hahaha.

    AhPek – I jeles!

    wuching – Later Terese pull your ear…

    zyrin – Must share your petua awet muda already.

    angeline – Wah, people say your sis, you got angry or not ah? Last time, got on Indon woman who is a worker in one of the highway toilets, she asked me, “Cucu?” (grandchild) Referring to my baby then. Wuah…I tell you…lucky she Indon, so probably they marry at 16 yrs old back in Jawa or wherever. Or else I slap her, Buta kah? Saya ada nampak macam nenek kah? Hahaha, we women are very vain hor?

  10. daniel – I just read an article that Japanese Women don’t grow old or grow fat. I wanna eat sushi and drink green tea every day!

  11. was only yesterday i was telling my husband how out of shape i’ve become. & he said, “why are u so conscious ?…i’m not even complaining…” wah, i lagi worry i tell u.

  12. 5xmom : hmmm, I think if you live in Japan, the high living cost will make you thin. Imagine, no good food tempting you to engulf extra calories. šŸ™‚ OTH, good Japanese food will burn a hole in your pocket. (so you end up with less money to spend on good food, hahahahaha).

  13. I agree with you 100%. Women must and should always take care of themselves, physically, emotionally and etc…. we should never never never neglect ourselves, as the saying goes…men are visual creatures.

  14. Oso got you-two-look-like-sisters syndrome whenever I go out with my mum. Both of us are kinda sian with that kinda comment. Dunno how my mum keep so young. Sometimes mum’s colleague came to my house and started talking to me thinking that i was her. Gek xim lah! My younger bro’s friend came over and started calling me auntie. KNN!!!

  15. Wanna look young very simple onle …
    1) Change your hairstyle, looks a bit auntie šŸ˜› hahaha maybe do something nice and sleek instead of the old farah-faucett do, think Demi Moore! Look how young she looks, actually Jennifer Anniston hairstyle also can!

    2) Put on minimal make up! Haggardness and eyebags can be hidden leh … if you wanna not be seen as old grandma -_-;

    3) Make sure your teeth are glistening white. The whiteness of your teeth takes away years from your face.

    4) Moisturize, Anti-UVtize (SPF30) and watch caffeine and alcohol intake. Your veins can burst and your skin can be dehydrated, so no matter how many vitamins you take also useless ok? šŸ™‚ Instead just drink fat free milk Vitamin D enriched milk.

    Sure win. Guarantee you looking like Demi Moore soon and can find a nice Ashton Kukuciao! LOL

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