Recently, I notice that old, old men have been ogling me. It is not flattering, wokay? But then again, some are quite hensem as in looking rather rich and respectable. So, I had done some observations these few days and come to some realisation.

A couple of years ago, I do have this fear that I am beginning to look older than my husband eventhough I am four years younger than him. I have a post somewhere. Then, my little baby has grown up a lot and I no longer have to spend so much time on him like changing diapers, burping, breastfeeding etc and therefore, I can afford to take care of myself more.

So, currently, I don’t have that little nagging feelings anymore. But ok lah, I know I am not 18-22 and hence, older men, as those in their late fourties and fifties, sixties, eeekkk…seventies, dey, eighties can died di….do still take a second glance at women. I suppose it is their natural, male species instinct. And I observed something very frightening!

Their wives are really old already. Some of these men are still muscular, well kept hair, dressed well and body not bengkang-bengkok. I bet they probably still ‘function’? But hor…the wives all kerepot already lah! They dun take care of their hair, skin, dressing and most of all, their womanly charm. Most of the times, they will pok-pek-pok-pek away talking about the 20 sens difference between Tesco and Giant or comparing which fishes are cheaper while their husbands’ eyes are roaming.


Therefore, I vow to make sure that I don’t end up looking like my husband’s mother one day. I want to remain the lovely couple or grow old together together. And if that old man of mine wanna become kerepot (crumply and wrinkled), I also will continue staying young. Haiyor….manatau, got horny Swiss angmohs (caucasian) with Swiss villa wanna woo me, leh?


So, remember hor, all the wives out there, don’t ever let yourself go. If not, it is a road of no return. Take charge of your health, your beauty and your esteem. If you focus too much on others, I tell you, you are going to wake up one day and realised that you have lost that self of yours.

My current obessession :

1) Two Imedeen plus everyday;

2) Wakame Soya protein drink, gifts from Samm (want to buy, go ask her)

3) Lots of veges (cos my crazy body gets sick if I binge too much on meats)

4) SKII, lots of it.

5) Bitch a lot to release those tensions or else I get wrinkles

6) Shop a lot all the time

7) Keep companies with the young ones like stay tune to my teenage sons interests

8 ) Keep a couple of toyboys LOL (did I actually say that aloud?)

9) Just do it, whatever stuffs I feel like doing

10) Pamper my self, skin, emotions

So, ladies…..the married ones, take care of yourself.

The spinsters one….take double care of yourself and hopefully with a double dose of good luck……

The young ones, don’t wait, start taking care of yourself.

(read my Women Only! blog for tips on my beauty secrets, ok? heh, I am not too ugly, ok?)

So, peeps, you ever seen before? The wives that look like the men’s older sisters or even worse, mothers? Scary, right?