Of Heart4Hope, laksa and kueh

I bought five t-shirts from Yvonne recently. In case you haven’t heard about her yet, well, she is this young girl with a a rare and incurable genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis Type 2, that causes tumors to grow in her brain, spine, and along peripheral nerves. I have long wanted to support Yvonne’s funds raising but never have that much money to spare. Lately, I have some in myPayPal and so got a bunch. I gave four to the Hottest Male Bloggers because I heard Yvonne is coming out with a new batch cor the hot and macho men. However, the current one is great as it is too.


Laksa from Penang and Heart4Hope t-shirt.


Kueh-kueh. Eh, the price of the t-shirt is not that expensive. If you have USD8.75 to spare, go get one for yourself. Postage included. Delivered right to your doorstep by the poslaju man. (or RM25+5)


Hehehe, extra small pic to make the subject smaller.

You can find Yvonne’s online store here. She has other stuffs to sell too. Go on, do a good cause, buy something and help fund her future surgery.

20 thoughts on “Of Heart4Hope, laksa and kueh

  1. Darn itchy fingers of mine. Shldn’t have come reading 5xmom’s blog at this time 🙁 I’m crazy hungry liao after looking at that laksa pic 🙁 …. urghhhhhh, aaargghghhhhh

  2. lol… it seems that everyone is more interested in the laksa than the t-shirt lol…

    but the t-shirt looks cool! i’m gonna go check out her site now 😀 thanks for telling lilian!

  3. The shirt looks great. Will go and have a look now.
    Good thing you’re doing here. 🙂
    Waaa… Penang laksa. *drool*

  4. I woke up and eat cornflakes only 🙁 then only to see your delicious laksa.

    *runs around in circles crying*

  5. laksa!!!! i want!!! i’m gonna get them 2 weeks from now when I storm Penang during my college semester break!

  6. Hahaha, I so clever. I put laksa to distract ppl from ‘aiyer…she modelling for Yvonne’s t-shirt kah?’ or maybe from AhPek ogling the logo. LOL.

    Robb – Wah.. coming to Penang for makan orgy? Good lah. Don’t forget to check out my two food blogs for the best hawker foods.

  7. Ah Beng – Apa komen hilang? Mana ada? I should have place a plate of char koay teow instead. Ok, just you wait, this weekend I post pic of char koay teow.

  8. err that shirt is definitely going to stain from the laksa …

    and err the chopstick … food for the dead people ka … aiyo …

    err can poslaju those nyonya pulut for me ar?

  9. Lilian, thanks for the info of Yvonne -tshirt and blog , I will hop to her blog now and order some t-shirt!
    I read her blog before, what an inspirational person!
    I’m sure want to support!

    Thanks again, as always your blog is to hard to resist ehhehe….soooo interesting
    and I think you are very honest person…and straight forward!

  10. sandra – Hey, tks for dropping by. 😛

    mh – Ya, convenient and the best kueh and pohpiah and cendol.

    earl – Oi, what you two all bitched behind my back ah? Got your MSN lah. Bullshit oni, you also believe. I very the neutral wan. And why da fark my gravatar not appearing again?

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