An unnecessary disclaimer (on penis enlargement and top commentators)

If you have noted, I have put a Top Commentator plugin on my sidebar so that the top ten commentators will be duly worshipped by me for giving me the most feedbacks. Right now, I set it to count the total comments for the year, i.e. from January 1st 2007 till now. So, phweet! to all the ten. *throws confetti, roll out red carpet and kissing your feet plus polishing your shoes for leaving that many comments*

Nope, no free t-shirt for the #1 commentator. Instead, I should bill you 25% of my webhosting fee because you used up my diskspace. Pay up!

Penis enlargement, anyone?

Well, I had to rub my eyes twice. If I am seeing correctly, 5xmom is now sponsored by Penis Enlargement and Males Enhancement pills companies. I know many of you will be bitching that I have gone to the dogs and sold my souls to these companies. At first, I thought of asking TextLinkAds to remove those ads. Then, I think twice. Hmmm…actually, it is kinda bold to have it over there. So, they stay. Just like how I don’t always conform to the norm. I don’t see why I should do it to please the people whom have judgements against me.

My blog ranks highly on the keyword sex and I am not ashamed about it. Do you know how hard it is for porn sites to even get the kind of ranking I have? Heh, so I am not apologetic over that and I will let whatever companies that buy the text link ads from me to stay. I have my faith in TextLinkAds that they do have a certain standard and only takes legitimate companies.

So yeah, get used to it, dude. 5xmom is sponsored by sex-related products. Don’t you just :
1) hate me;
2) love me;
3) adore me to bits;
4) admire me to the highest heavens;
5) disgusted to death….

What? Multiple choice answers welcome.

15 thoughts on “An unnecessary disclaimer (on penis enlargement and top commentators)

  1. What!!?? No T shirt???!!! Pay you somemore??!!!
    Ah Beng and Ah Kau will be visiting you soon. Very soon. Lu Jaga!!

    Enlargement??!! They call me Ron lah. No tenkiu.

  2. hmm not bad also wor @-o can rank high at word “sex”, why not! XD and having ads with sex is nothing wrong what… whats wrong with that!!

  3. Conan – Yeah, sex makes the world go around hor? If not no more babies mah. Hahaha

    earl – pay pay pay

    terence – OI, you want me to repeat why no t-shirt or not? Hhmmm? Want? Cuz u r too hot for it. You too hensem mah. Bluekkk..And say hi to Ron, will ya? Plus give him a kiss too?

  4. Ahpek – Jeles I got penis enlargement ads? Never mind, give me your TextLinkAds link and I go check out what’s wrong. I go tarik tali sama itu taukeh? Hehehe, gimme your profile on TLA. I kasi u private tips how to draw advertisers. Free write up of your description.

  5. Ah Pek has a photo of penis enlargement in my folder.
    How can I send it to you?

  6. there’s one..

    “best colon cleanser”…

    wow…I know of facial cleanser..but this is a new one…I wonder what are the step by step method.


  7. So yeah, get used to it, dude. 5xmom is sponsored by sex-related products. Don’t you just :
    1) hate me; HOW TO???
    2) love me; DUN WAN!
    3) adore me to bits; BLOW YOU UP TO BITS, MAYBE!
    4) admire me to the highest heavens; YOU WISH!
    5) disgusted to death…. DEFINITELY!

    If they call my taikor RON, then I must be TT Boy.

  8. moo_t – Heh, tenkiu

    wuching – Yalor…my sapoter! I lafu yew.

    Ah Beng – Eh, lu tarak masuk 10 ten list, so dun kacau hor. Only your taikor name there, u tarak. Cipet lu, jaga, give me this kind of answer. And hor, apa TT Boy pulak? Faster MSN explain to me.

    mott – Wei colon cleansing is the rage now wor. I every night drink phsyillium (I dunno how to spell lah) husks with apple cider vinegar, kasi no trapik jam. The skin nice-nice ler.

    theodwyn – made my day.

    HOI, Ah Beng, you see how ppl reply? Cipet.

    simon – Yayaya

    Penang2home – Dunwan.

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