Weekend means….

When single that time:


Your place or mine?

Mahjong with boyfriend’s flatmates

When married but no kids:

Dating still

Mahjong with ex-flatmates

Mother/Mother-in-law shoe polishing

When with small babies :

Life sentence – Penjara Pudu, Sungai Buloh, Alcatraz (sp?)

When with older, learning to walk/run toddlers :

Also life sentence like the above

When with older teenage kids :

Niamah, also the same.

But at least can make appointment one week in advance with something like – I don’t care, next week we family dinner.

Then, go hang around shopping malls and buy, buy, buy. I think I have bought 5 pairs of shoe in one month.

Future :

When the kids have left the nest….

Aiyoyo, go dating again, can? *make deals with atm* We go different direction, you find bimboes, I find toyboys? Then, we play mahjong. If not how lah?

So, what does weekend means to you?

11 thoughts on “Weekend means….

  1. Just laze around, catch up on some reading, surf the net AND READ YOUR BLOG.

    And of course bring the Mrs to where ever and buy whatever she pleases (LOHs are all great lovers, agree?).LOL

    Wei! As your most loyal frenz, got t shirt ar? I also take cash prizes. My Credit Suisse account number is………..

  2. wuching – Then, what you do lah? I know, I know. Writing paid posts. Whee!

    alexallied – Hahahaha..no escape wan…

    terence – Hold on tight to your chair. I correct your sentence :
    (LOHs are all great lovers suckers, agree?)

    ahpek – Weekends mean no posts from you. Sad!

    sleepyhao – Sleep is the best choice.

  3. i’m at the first stage… weekend=dating XD

    bt well got choir activity oso got performance sometimes got practice with aunties oso then sometimes go jalan jalan shopping need practice need do homework also…

    bt well, still is dating comes first kakakakaka

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