I am turning into a health freak!

One long Saturday and I returned with lots of beauty care and organic foods. In my current list are organic grains, organic drinks, healthy drinks, green teas and etc etc. I don’t know if it is Samm who influenced me or probably, I am getting more and more vain. I bought a load of healthy bread mix from Erina on Friday and will embark on another journey of healthy eating.

I guess when one start to age, one gets more concern about the health and longevity. Hey, you certainly do not want to be a huge blubber of old, sickly parent that will be a burden to your children, do you? I know I wouldn’t want that. So, I better start to take care of myself from now.

Therefore, let me share with you a product I found on the internet. I am asked to make a product review of it but since I haven’t receive the product sample, I will tell you what I had read. Anyway, I bet most of us are already aware of the goodness of green tea and how the Japanese seems to be much healthier and live longer. You don’t see obese Japanese unless they are sumo wrestler, right? So, with that theory, I believe anything green is good.

This is the GreenEnergy drink which is supposed to help us supplement if we are not taking enough green vegetables. I for one hates green vegetables and only eat them if someone serves it to me. Otherwise, I normally skip the vegetable sections. Now, I can stop feeling so guilty. GreenEnergy is supposed benefits :

Benefits of Greenergy
+ Contains Anti-Cancer Green Tea Extract
+ Increase your energy naturally, without stimulants!
+ 100% natural, just like nature intended
+ Added Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes for Healthy Digestion
+ Added MSM for Joint Health
+ Antioxidant content equivalent to 2lbs of green veggies
+ No sugar or artificial sweeteners
+ Promotes Alkaline pH
+ Mixes easily in water
+ Great taste

You can read more about it from GreenEnergy website. Now, I don’t have to nag myself to eat more vegetables! Hurray!

*This post is brought to you by GreenEnergy*

3 thoughts on “I am turning into a health freak!

  1. the 5 bread recipes I gave you are also healthy type of bread. So, you can give it a try mah………….. You make me feel so guilty after looking at you so slim liau. Lawrence say, you look younger liau and more beautiful………. Psst, what is the secret har?

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  3. Hi 5xMom!

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