13 thoughts on “See what see? Never see before ah?

  1. oOOo… Owen: touche touche!..

    Oh wait… CUTENYE THE BUNNY!!!!!!!!! E-kaijai le tu.. kkakkkakaa… siap the tangan like malu malu liddat!!!

  2. nastasshea – This is taken with my K800i, with frames. LOL, I don’t think he will wear a bunny suit.

    sc – Hehehe

    shireen – e-kai-nephew lah, apalah, e-kaijai pulak. You so young oni mah.

    Owen – Hahha, actually, it was just that few words but I am afraid PPP will not approve it as filler so I gotta add the pic.

    kidchan – Thank you! It is so thrilling to see so many Malaysian blogs there. When the date draws nearer, let’s do a big drum up to get more votes. Must practice for our GE mah.

    adam – Ya hor, so cute I am using it as my phone desktop.

  3. Lilian, wait your kid grow up they sue you for embarrasment, but then again my 8yo dotter pun sudah pandai to remind me not to embarrass her in school..

  4. i knew it.

    the moment i saw the pic, i knew it was taken with K800i since i’ve explored my husband’s.

    cute bunny eh.

    everyone who has k800i should take a pic using this bunny frame and post it on one sunday.


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