Driving men and kena saman

This is something that I hate myself for it. Maybe I am pretty insecure, low self-esteemed or just plain ‘woman driver’. But I will never drive a man around. Good thing is I never have to and the only few occasions, I just hand over my car to the male.

There was once my boss who moved around in a Jaguar, BMW 7 series and Estima called me from a nearby hotel. He had sent his chauffeur to the airport with the group of visitors and needed a transport back to our office. So, he asked me to fetch him in my Proton Wira Aeroback.

Jeng, jeng, jeng….I got to the hotel in no time at all and his group of visitors were just about to get on the Jag. I got down the car and told him, “Datuk, you drive back ok? Hehehehe, I get nervous if I have to drive you.” Well, I didn’t care what the visitors will think to see the big boss kicked to the driver’s seat of a Proton Wira while they travelled in his Jaguar. And yeap, it is pretty embarrassing that he had to pushed the car seat right to the back to accommodate his fat belly and long legs.

So, of course, I won’t drive my atm anywhere unless he had temporary blinded his eye in a badminton game, had high fever and chills that warrant an ambulance, injured his toe in a bike accident or something that requires a drive to the hospital emergency room (touch wood, no more please!). Otherwise, nay, no way am I going to get his sighs, glances, shocks while I get nervous by the minute.

Now, come to think of it, I just realised that I have never renewed my driving licence before, never know which company I got my car insurance from and how much it is insured. I have also realised that I have never gotten a summon from the traffic police. The only time I was stopped by the traffic police for running a red light, which I argued was yellow, the gods were kind to me.

I was arguing with the two traffic police that the light was yellow. And one of them said he had attended kursus (course) and know it is red eventhough they were standing across the road. So, ding dong, ding dong I kept insisting it was yellow. Then, he whipped out his summon book……Screech….Wham! Bang! An accident happened across the road.

“Encik, sana accident dah, cepat pergi!” (Sir, accident over there, faster go over)

Muahahar…am I lucky or what? This bold, red Lesen Mati ad by MyEG Services Berhad just reminded me how inadequate I am. I need more lessons in Living Skills. I had gotten a few summonses for speeding (through those speed camera) but had never been to a balai to settle any summonses. Semua saya ada runner. Now, if we can settle online, kan bagus? But hor….if you are still pretty hot and comel, I think you can get discount kat balai kut? Betul?

10 thoughts on “Driving men and kena saman

  1. *coughing coz laughing too much*

    yor.. like that also can ar? so lucky can escape summon.. hahahaha.. keng la aunty. got angels beside u ler. but those angels are devils to other ppl pulak. ish ish ish. šŸ˜›

    justkidding šŸ˜›

  2. so lucky!! how i wish somethign like that happened so i wouldnt get mine gantunged! x(


    and so nice..my bf forces me to drive all the time…WITHOUT a license..hmmm

  3. aiyo..i’m complete opposite.

    If not..I’ll be backseat driver and we will all have “hokkein mee (black noodle ah..not your penang prawn mee)” face when we get to our destination.


  4. Ha …. so total opposite of my fren. She prefers to take control of the wheel while her hubby takes control of the baby ….. hehee. I personally dont mind driving men around. But i dont like to become the driver all the time. Some frens so cheap skate to drive, they always ask ppl to pick them up.

    Actually i abit confused ar. Lilian, is AhPek your hubby ??

    Cheers **

  5. Nyak Nyak Nyak…Lucky that some other ppl in accident? HAHA i only told them my my tummy ache and i was 8 months preggie that time. They tot i wanna give birth and asked me….Ok Jalan Baik Baik ah…OKIE BOSS! Zuummm!

  6. got stopped once by TP coz din put on my seat belt. fast fast came out from the car hunching, pressing my tummy trying to look pale (wiped my listick off), sick & in pain..told him i just vomited out few metres away at the side of the road & just got back in the car. He let me go! lucky he din ask me to go back to the scene so he can check on my story (vomit). šŸ˜†

  7. suzy – LOL, what a good actress. Must learn this next time.

    sasha – Another great performance. Habis lah, PDRM kena conned by us women.

    Platinumgirl – Maybe yr fren husband not critical like mine, mine is like driving instructor like that. Somemore can shake head. AhPek? My e-kai-hiah. LOL

    AhPek – 10 tarak terima. 50 maybe.

    mott – Wuah, you are in control wan? Terror lah lu. When I am in the car, I langsung dun care which direction or where we are. 100% dependant on the loukong.

    huei – Hahaha, I always act tarak back bone and needy, that’s why.

    wuching – Eh, you sure ngam-ngam-cham-cham lah. That’s why.

    cincau – Maybe they kepoh laughed at me for getting a ticket and then, go wham another car’s backside while laughing at me leh. Padan muka only. Hahaha.

  8. lol… speaking of driving, i had 2 accidents in 1 month within the first month i started driving, and my dad banned be from driving since XD

    but then i still got tao tao drive my fren’z car la… no accident oso, 2 yrs liao muahha… dun tell my dad k?? shhh…

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