Have you forgotten your roots as a new blogger?

Sometimes, I silently praise myself for the ability to just tap the keyboard with a comment without much difficulties. It comes naturally to me. This is one of the comment that I like to keep to remind me that I am still very much the blogger that I started out three years ago. Direct and sincere.

Saya amat bangga menerima anugerah ini. Terima kasih kepada nenek moyang saya yang sudah menjual telur itik masin, Bill Gates yang memberi saya Windows XP, Intel yang membina komputer saya, cikgu saya dari darjah satu yang mengajar saya ABC……..

(Translation in English : I am very proud to receive this award. Thanks to my ancestors whom are selling salted duck eggs (term for deceased), Bill Gates for the Windows XP, Intel for building my computer, my primary school year one teacher for teaching me ABC)

This is a comment I left at SotongZai’s blog post with the title – Anugerah Blogger Pencetus Pemikiran.

When we started out, blogging can be very lonely because no one reads our blog. Traffic is practically zero unless you hit on some major keywords and the search engines bring some strangers who come and leave without dropping a comment. If you are lucky, the blog post you pinged may draw a few readers.

But this is not usually the case. We can go for weeks without anyone bothering to say hi or tell us they are reading our blogs. To survive, we have to persevere. Keep writing, keep on hoping that at least one or two person will come by and take an interest in what we wrote. Don’t ever give up.

Incidentally, I just read nuffnang‘s blog and this line touched me:

When [tag]Nuffnang[/tag] was conceived, our inspiration and ultimate goal was to give power to the blogsphere and go where one blogger will never be able to go alone.

That’s why we built a system that works not just to include the more prominent bloggers of the blogging scene, but also bloggers with a more modest but significant readership: those as low as 20 unique visits a day.

And that’s the reason why I like nuffnang. They recognise bloggers not by their readership or how big they are. They give every blogger equal chance.

Having read the above two blog posts sort of give me a melancholy feel. I remember the obstacles faced by new bloggers. I know how hard it is to break into the blogging scene.

Many of the bloggers whom have become so-called ‘femes’ forget their roots. A lot of them tend to look down on new bloggers and call them names. I got my fair share of flames and this kind of shits initially but I am the tough cookie who got tougher with all these challenges. But not everyone is stubborn or resilient like me. I remember Doc told me about Darwin’s theory.

On the other hand, I always want to remain at the basic, at the root of it and encourage new bloggers. I want to remain at the lowest of the food chains because it is less lonely there. I like to check out who quoted me on Technorati and drop a word of thanks. Doc did that to me when I was a new blogger and I remember how it feels to be visited by a famous blogger. I want to repay that gratitude by making sure that I don’t ever forget my roots or missed out the new bloggers.

But heh, I know many bloggers who are somewhat ‘imaginary-femes’ tend to be lansi-lanyong and act like a diva or pain in the ass. Well, you are all great disappointment to me. Where is the community spirit? Have you forgotten your roots? Are you sticking to your clique too much? Why are you not out there to encourage more bloggers to keep the blogging spirit? Instead you are all bitching endlessly. Have you check out some of the blogs on MY List and show a sincere interest in what they write? Or are you the arsehole who still insist that we are doing the MY List because we are merely linkwhores with selfish interest to gain higher ranking? Have you forgotten what it is like to have ‘No blogs link here’ on Technorati? I tell you, if only the bloggers linked on MY List bother to check out some of the blogs, their horizon will widen. Our Malaysian blogging scene will be stronger and more united. So, go on join MY List. If you think the list is too long for you, just break it into two or three posts and spread it out over a few days.

Keep the blogging spirit alive!

(chewah, long time no write chim-chim post like dis liao, dem song)

42 thoughts on “Have you forgotten your roots as a new blogger?

  1. Some famous bloggers really see us, the small fries like little nuts like that, you can link them up, you can adore them but in return they’ll just despise you because you’re not even up to the standards. When I first blogging, no one bothers to see, some call it damn lame and boring. Until i thought I have no place to stand in this blogsphere *prepares tissue*, that’s when I met my Kmak *sobs*, this REAL FAMOUS blogger guided me all the way (well I wont say to the top) but at least I am somewhat recognised! Thus, I will always remember my root, I have a supportive Kmak, I have my classmates who will stalk on my blog, I have many bloggers friends… they are the key to my success. That’s why when I see the nominees telling me that by being a nominee, they can get publicity. I feel that my program somewhat helped some bloggers who wished to be heard and known.

    I support my Kmak’s view with regards to the ROOT thing, we can’t be famous out of the blue. It takes time, it takes our guts to be adventurous!

    Thanx Kmak! You’re the best!

  2. good advice lilian… we should all remember our roots. which is why i will always remember who are the first ppl that came to my blog and i never stop visiting their blogs till today. they are the ones that spark the fire in me…..

    but then again… i have to say i dont quite fancy this MyList thing…

  3. Niamah lu, somebody. Where? Where? Where?

    chris – I like your domain name!

    zewt – Wuah, you got so many readers, how to visit all lah?

    anthraxxx – You bacterias!

    k-kia – Ei, you manyak cheong hei hor? LOL

    annachu – Thanks!

    vhanded – You always can ask Akon to join you sing Lonely

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  5. i mean those who first came and read my blog la…. having said that… i will always try to read those who read my blog…

    of cos… that’s causing me losing a lot of sleep.

  6. i love this post. thanks lilian. it reminds me on how i used to always tag along, ikut aja every post u all posted and commented every one of them.. so that i don’t feel lonely in my own blog. but now… thanks to lilian, ahpek(u also) i got to know cedric and from there… everything, anything, anyone open up to my blog hopping. to find out about them is really satisfying. especially for someone come abroad like me in KK Sabah. I wanna take this opportunity too to say thanks to JACQ.for everything she exposed me too. thanks everyone. thanks lilian. remember your root and be thankful. how wonderful is this. 🙂
    [obvious, my english is poor]

  7. You know, in blog, “pretty” is refer to the blog contents. Although pretty looks does add point, but not all reader are physical going to “kow” them. If no chance, why bother, unless they can post a “hot” photo everyday, then that is another story.

    Otherwise, will stick to the contents. We all got taste on content.

    If cedric use “hot looking” female blogger, I might vote. But hot female blogger? Still come back to 5xmom.

    p/s: finish apple polishing
    p/s: Actually part of it are truth.

  8. i’ve been blogging for years but i’m lucky to get 5 comments in one entry. i visit blogroll and i see 46 or 90, etc, comments and i’m like, “what the hell i’m doing wrong?”. probalby bad writing..LOL. oh well.

  9. i sappot u!!!

    those who call new bloggers names or look down on them are just loosers who r afraid that the new ones might be better

    but..new ones shouldn’t open a blog to copy ppl either! =P

  10. I am also motivated by you to start a blog. So, you can consider my sifu also. That Wingz cai also thought me something. I try to settle down most of my things and I wan to spend at least a few hours daily to talk cock liau. Hahahaha…………………… wan to join in the fun.

  11. I should put a big big link of this post to my blog to motivate myself whenever I feel like quit blogging. I’m glad I never did, and I will try not to.

  12. thx lilian for the inspiring topic. very encouraging,esp for newbie like me. i must say after blogging actively for 4,5 mth, it has taken a toll on me trying so hard to fit into the blogsphere. feeling all alone & drained out. guess i’ll have to persevere. thx again!

  13. weii … root of blogging is to create My List one meh??!!! how come sifu dint tell me geh??!!! kakakakaka *runs*

    Ok Ok I join I join!!! I will be kambing out new list to “link” all bloggers to introduce them to the world la!!! Kam KAMM!!!

  14. wingz – Wei, my post is like a foot long and that’s all you see? MY List? Please lah, read first before you simply tembak, can?

  15. hahahah…. dem song.

    but sometimes hor, when I want recomen new bloggers, i feel like i lansi lanyong like that lar. ownself oso still strugglig somemore wan to rekomen people pulak.

  16. Seejeh!!! i mana got tembak laa!!! i now dem guilty ledi read your post!!! i wanna follow your example la!!! u r my inspiration!!!

  17. Lilian, a very touching post you have there. Very encouraging too for new bloggers like myself. It takes a lot of convincing to even have someone read your blog, what more to have them add me to their list – so thank you! You’re an inspiration.

  18. sifu – You teach wan mah, must encourage new bloggers, visit them, kembang it on our blog when they have nice things to say. Hai mm hai, sifu?

    pinky – TQ

    Ahpek – Depends on how we refer to them lor. If we are on the same level and talk in that way, no lansi mah. But hor, your links oso dem good wei.

    wingz – Now only want to follow, too late liao lah. A mile long, how to include lah?

  19. Wah… Here like a big party la….So lao juar….. I have never go to blogger party before…sad!If anyone have problem regarding to blogspot, you can forward to me la, i help malaysian de!

  20. It is indeed true that the loneliness of not getting comments might get unmotivated. However, I have to admit , the way MY LIST was conceived doesn’t exactly has the same noble objective as mentioned by Lilian. It does sound like it is “trying” deliberately to jack up the technorati rank.

    I think it would be better if a blog for malaysians is created and from there, all groups can be categorise… that way, people can visit the specific themes that are available, and written by Malaysians.. would that kinda exposure sound okay ?

  21. your word really inspiring for new blogger like me =) some famous blogger will notice us small ppl and encourage , but some really just ignore us and look down at us, I Salute u 5xmom =)

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