The most rewarding job


Is to be a woman, marry a man, have some kids and bake a batch of nice, homemade sausage buns.


And when your little kid tells you, “hhmmmmm…mommy, sausage buns nice! I ate three!'”, you know that the best thing is to be a pro-crap-blogger who earns an income doing nothing but cook, blog, take photo, blog, eat, take photo, blog and stay at home without needing to go out to the big bad world to carry balls.


But when some of your commentators get annoying with their comments and think I am blogging to please them, this is what I feel like doing to their heads:


Punch the head till turn into pulp. Go read my Me page before making any further comments about me writing and promoting paid posts. You don’t pay me, the advertisers do. No money, no talk.

BTW, the nice-nice bread flour I got from Cooking Island is soooo nice. Filled with loads of vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, onion, and dunno what else. You can ask Erina of Cooking Island about it. They ship around Malaysia. Idiot proof wan, I gerenti.

21 thoughts on “The most rewarding job

  1. Hey, Lillian, just visited this page again today after a long break. Lurrrrve the new 5xmom logo! So COOL šŸ˜€ Buns also so yummy! When are you gonna bake some for the choir? Hehehehehehe………

  2. Kaneh! Me still in opis carrying balls, hungry di but cannot go back yet… then surfed over here and see ur mouth watering sausage!! KNN u!

  3. wah so yummy one…u wan me to do review for u?? hahah i can come n collect from u of charge…muahhaha…i see your fist i very scared..lan ku also go bak in liao..who dare to disturb u wor..tai ka jia..

  4. dakota – You like my buns, you mean? LOL

    clare -Yeah, yeah, healthy too

    lotsofcarving – Yeah my punch very big wan

    wuching – awww…you made me blush! (turning pink)

    ks – You know my house mah, come by I kasi lu the crumbs. Hahahaha.

    sheryl – Yeah, sure, one of these days.

    erina – Ya, very tasty, tks to your recommendation

    sleepyhao/huei – Yeah, super nice

  5. mendee – Soft but not those supersoft like the bakery cos they add a lot of artificial softener. This one is packed with vege.

    shanon – Hahaha, try to make some yourself.

    sasha – Cannot, not enuff for myself. Go buy.

    clement – dunwan, blogging earns more. hehehe. no need to sweat also

    sc – tks

    earl – Ya, cheese cocktails

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