KFC and Adidas merged?

Have you read the business news lately? Has KFC and Adidas merged? Otherwise, how do you explain Colonel Sanders, the smiling old man from Kentucky Fried Chicken sporting this three stripes on his pocket?

(pic taken by me while strolling along the mall. This is KFC Malaysia)

And since they did not show us the rest of the body of Colonel Sanders, I believe he wears this tight shorts?


Look what too much KFC did to the Colonel? Belly and too tight shorts.

(shorts pic taken from David Overkamps Shorts museum. Thanks, David, I like your butts and I hope no marbles were damaged in the process of squeezing into a size 28? šŸ˜‰ )

And I think the Colonel will surely wear a pair of red Adidas like this one :

(pic sourced from Google Images)

So, did anyone hear about any merger of Adidas and KFC? Otherwise, why is the Colonel wearing three stripes? Why not five stripes?

(this observation is made by Terence, so Adidas and KFC, if you want to sue, go sue him šŸ˜› )

13 thoughts on “KFC and Adidas merged?

  1. gos, my red superman underwear also got three stripe on it wo, hopefully no one would ever see it or else I would get sue also la.

  2. “Impossible is nothing”. So there is rice with kfc now.

    If McD were to merge with nike, it will be “Just eat it” *LOL*

    (If adidas do sue kfc, adidas should pay me some of the money for the observation).

    *Google 3 stripes and see what you get*

    Niamah lu! Always put me on the alter. Dun want msn with you liao. Blek!

  3. Who’s that David? How come it looks like he’s wearing pampers under his red shorts?????

  4. sotongchai – A&W bear line dancing with a bunch of ahsohs in tights?

    STP – I also dunno wor. I took it randomly from image search. Hahaha.

    huei – Itu Terence mia observation, not mine. He forced me to point it out. In exchange for free KFCs.

    terence – Not altar, chopping board. Nay, you got see Colonel Sanders take the big, big cleaver (knife lah, in case you don’t know) to chop your head? No MSN? I can stalk you in Melaka.

    wuching – Hahahaha, Our sneakers are finger lickin’ good!

    ipohcai – Superman shorts? Hahaha.

  5. Waahh if merged means, next time eat KFC can get free Adidas voucher lah!

    And about the shorts hor,I think marbles burst already. If not how come the front portion flat only?

  6. Err.. never heard about the merger.. but I’m interested in another merger which happened long time ago woh..

    I tagged you.. The merger between you and your ATM.. why did you marry him ah?

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