Old Photos – Then..(Part Two)

25th April, 1990

We were expecting our firstborn. Co-incidentally, the date I was supposed to deliver the baby by induction was my atm’s birthday. So, can you imagine how exciting it is to actually have a baby on his birthday? The baby was already overdue by two weeks so that’s why I had to be admitted to get the baby out.

We checked into the hospital. And waited and waited and waited until the day was over and no baby arrived. No matter how many times and method the doctor tried to induce labour.

End up, atm spent this 30th birthday in the hospital waiting and waiting. And nothing happened.

Until the next day.


Sigh…see he is soooo young in the pic. And my cilakak #2 son just saw my pic and said I look so old. Then, smart him changed the sentence, Mom, you did not age a bit. Niamah… So that’s why I put his blur look pic. Blur as baby, blur now too.


Anyway…back to 17 years ago. The first time dad was so excited about the new baby, he even ordered a bouquet of flowers for me after the delivery. But hor, no more after the first baby liao.

Then, hor, he even decorated the house to welcome us back. We used to live in a rented flat with two rooms. Really, really tiny low cost flat that is three-storey high and I had to climbed up every single day when I was pregnant. Haih…how times flies.

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