Reminder to self

Someone said:

1) I am showing off with my nomination on Bloggers Choice Award in the Most Obnoxious Category;

2) I have evolved so much I no longer fit into their group;

3) I am playing god;

4) I am PMS-ing;

5) I am over sensitive;

6) I am a link whores for my own selfish interest;

7) My Technorati ranking is a fake one;

and many more.

But I have this to say :

1) I am showing off mildly only in being nominated for Bloggers Choice Award. Anyone would too because it is not easy to be up there with Jason Calacanis and Perez Hilton. Only the blur ones do not know how obnoxious these two fellas are. The rest who knows will appreciate that it is only in good fun because it is like a once a lifetime chance of using Perez and Jason’s names.

2) I changed and improved because my blog has expanded from one single personal blog to a huge group because I am writing for money. Like all things I do in life, if I am into something, I focus and work hard to achieve it. If I take you as a friend, I built my interest and defend you till die-die I also don’t let go.

3) I am not playing god but rather the motivator. I have the gift of encouraging people and I do that all the time. It is God’s gift. So, yeah, get used to it, I have my ways with words. People love me as much as people hate me.

4) I am not PMS-ing. I am being reasonable. People who never leave a comment when I write something good but find their way to make a comment that I deem as belittling me deserves a retort.

5) I am not oversensitive. I am being defensive. My principle is to defend anything, anyone, any animals, any cause if I believe in it.

6) It is part of the game. We evolve, we get links, we get to know some good people along the way, helpful friends and we expand our horizons. And I don’t feel bad about being accused of being a link whore because in actual, I am losing my PR more than I gain.

7) So what my Technorati is fake and yours is real? Not that it makes me go to heaven faster. But it does help me earn more money when writing paid posts.

In conclusion – I am not apologetic for what we argued over MSN. You should know that I treat blogging like working because my family have future plans that need money. I am working and for you to get on my nerves over silly matters like these, well, so much for friendship. You know very well how much paid blogging pays me. A four-five digits income that I won’t be able to earn anywhere else. So…..if you guys who earn a decent salary with high positions wish to look down on us, go ahead.

and yeah, I am not an elitist, I am the public enemy #1 which lives with the earth worms. And I love my fellow earth worms, very much. It is very cosy, warm and friendly here.

22 thoughts on “Reminder to self

  1. wakakakakkaakkakakakakakakakakakakakakakakkakakakakaakkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakakakakakakakakkakaakkakakakakakakak

    wah see can out of line or not …

  2. wuching – Pwetty pwetty fahwer fahwer rite?

    earl – You just proved my theory right! You are bitching behind my back then. So did you enjoy the goss?

  3. Its your life, Lilian. Live it the way you want it to be and FUCK the rest!

    Live life to please yourself rather than to please others first. It applies to every human being. Its your right since the day you were born.

    Born free, live free, die free!

    *can I also do what earl did ar?, looks like fun*

  4. terence – Can can. I charge you accordingly. Out of line, one alphabet 20 sen. Cheap oni. And heh, why never missed a post wan hor? Got see Ah Beng’s name there or not?

  5. Sigh, we are trying to earn a decent income only mah, why complain about our blogs leh? They can always go and read 100% clean blogs without any ads. But seriously, how many really left? šŸ˜›
    And as for the nomination, they really think it’s easy to be up there? *OMG*
    Neh, don’t be bother and start clicking for that 1K opp lah.

  6. Seriously, with figure like what you’ve said in the post, I don’t mind ppl looking down at me, at least I know that’s my hard-earned money. I don’t kill, sell drugs or rape to get that money (rape can earn money ar? i dunno ler, i nvr rape b4, just take it as an example for doing bad thing lah…hehe)

  7. sleepyhao – Ya, I am not the only one. A lot of the moms also are into making money like these. Nay, like shoppingmom. Her PPP also got over USD1K per month liao.

    terence – Aiyor…ok lah, dun angry, what you want me to use as title ah? Say oni, I do lor. You #1 commentator, I kasi privilege to you. Happy liao?

    earl – just now on MSN lor.

    shoppingmom – Jason Calacanis is so cun man. You go Google him and see? Some people hor, live only in the tempurung, never know who is Jason and Perez oso.

  8. wakakakakkakakakakakkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    this is going out of the box again …………………


  9. huh which cb flame our 5xmom?! who?! who?!!!

    agree wif terence, do what you like and juz fuck them all! hey it’s your job, and we love what ur doing! šŸ˜€ so dun care lar haiyah!!

  10. Conan, got lar, some cheebye donno how to keep his mouth shut one, like chicken’s ass like that. Behave like girl wor… talk also like those 8 poh like that, don’t know got dick or not. Kakaka or he swallowed it himself now become like a bird can fly … wakakakakakka… idiotic pussy face… Fuck with 5X mom = DOOM, fucker.

  11. Aiyo, Lilian! In this world, if u don’t blow ur own trumpet (and I mean boast or brag…not apa-apa blow, ya?), no one’s going to blow it for you. Everyone jealous, envious…if u’re doing better than them (not that they’re going to try to do any better! Just want credit but not willing to put in any effort!!!)! Show off all u’ve got, flaunt it (and I don’t mean apa-apa, ya? Dont fikir bengkok2! LOL!!!)!

  12. Lilian,

    What is the reason to blog, updload own video to YouTube and cam whoring?
    Ppl who thought you are showing off must get off the internet and
    start buying a diary and a kilometrico to write their own stuff.


  13. aiyah… small dispute la kaijeh… tai kar friend friend la.. just a Q & A only la.. no big deal.. now that you clarified yourself, is good ge lo.. we know your directions…

    forgive and forget la..

    let’s kiss and make up K?

    muaks muaks.

  14. Oi! Who is the (*^*%$ in the ka-cheng who was ridiculing my nomination of 5xmom being the Most Obnoxious Blogger har? Basket! You looking for trouble is it? You implying I don’t have intelligence enough to nominate some one kah? You better give me your name and address and I will sue you for defaming my intelligence.

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