Stop tailing me, credit card sales promoters!

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I had a terrible experience at the mall on Sunday night. Almost every slimming centres are there because according to them, it is filial for children to pay for a slimming course for their moms for Mother’s Day. Doh! The, every kind of massage chairs and slimming ‘horses’ were on display and yeap, it is filial to get your mom one too.

So accompany these pesky promoters were a string of credit card promoters. Oh boy, they are a stubborn bunch and refused to take no for an answer. They asked the same questions and will follow me from one end to the other end no matter how disinterested I look.

I wish they will put a stop to this because it is a nightmare to confront with a credit card sales promoter at every corner in the shopping mall. Why don’t they implement something like this CreditCardSearchEngine.com and put all the credit cards into one place. Then, we have the option of just surfing over, take a look, compare and apply securely online?

Best Credit Cards are found on the site and they are tailored for different needs. For example, frequent flyers airline miles credit card, student credit card and they even have credit cards for bad credits. It will be so much more private to do the application online than to sit there in the middle of the mall to fill in the forms.

I do peeked at those forms people are filling up because they are so visible. Hmmm…it is wicked, I know. But you can see the age of the person, their income and their job. Sometimes, I wonder why they need a credit card? Is it for the freebies they can collect on the spot? Or do they really need a credit card?

I have only one credit card and no amount of persuasion will make me get another one. Unless of course, someone wants to give me a bottomless pit credit card to spend, spend, spend without having to pay? I wonder why they don’t create a Love Credit Card. The kind which sugar daddies can give to their hot young girlfriends? Or do they already have such type?

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  1. I will tell those buggers at the mall that I m a bankrupt. Try it and see their reaction. They were not trained for that response.

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