Happy Birthday, dear and Jeff too


So, today is your birthday. And tomorrow Jeff. Therefore, let me tell the world – I love you! Both.

Happy birthday and many more to come.


(we already had a Japanese dinner on Sunday to celebrate earlier)

Eeek, suddenly I am lost for words. No lovey-dovey words can come out. Never mind, I go whisper into his ears.

Say Happy Birthday to my loukong and tai siew yeh, will you kind folks? I am going to mail this link to my loukong to get him to read your wishes. Hehehe….faster-faster, come say Happy Birthday.

Thank you.

37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, dear and Jeff too

  1. Happy birthday.. 5xmom’s low kong ..! and the young master.. !! many happy returns of the day.. ! and may i take this opportunity to salute.. 5x mom.. for being so stylo-malo.. to bring up 4 kids.. even when your low kong is not always in town. Reason why i salute you .. is because i can’t even go out with one “my brat” on my own..! can’t handle her..! This day is also yours.. lilian..!! you are very much.. the credit.. that make all these work.. and everything that comes into place.
    Happy birthday again.. boys..!!! you’ve got a great mum & wife here.. cherish her.. ya..!!

  2. wow 4 boys…my mom had a parents had major headache even with my bro and i alone

    you deserve an award for your courage and patience.

    happy happy joy joy to all ……


  3. Happy birthday to gua K-mak mia beloved suami dan gua mia K-bro~~~ May all your wishes come true lar, may everything goes smooth smooth like kena lubricant like that lar…
    Stay focus in your life, do what you think is right, remember, don’t do drugs! Aiseh, speak like the nabeh Youth leader like that! Anyway~ Happy Birthday to you 2 lar… aiyak no presents so nvm, use K-mak’s money first!

  4. Happy birthday to all! Eee…ur son fat2 looks exactly like u! Now bigger, thinner not so same anymore!!! (Oops! Lilian’s hot I imply she fat! Comes after me with rolling pin!)

  5. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 5Xmon’s loukong and tai siew yeh!! May your wishes all come true! šŸ™‚


    Reminder: Ah Lian said all LOHs are SUCKERS! Make sure she buys you suckers expensive presentsssss. *Bwahahahaha!!!*

  7. Happy birthday to Mr Chan Lilian and Tai Siew Yea.
    My kids taught me their teacher is Auntie Samantha and her husband is Uncle Samantha.

    Happy birthday and have a great time.

  8. Congratulations on d double celebration…..remember every year’s celebration is counted a blessing! Your Jeff boy is so cute at baby but hor………your lou kung young time more hensome leh….. no wonder aunty so ‘sayang’ la…….!
    Happy B’day to both !

  9. Heppi Burstday to you.. Hapi Bird-f-day to you.. Happy blur-day, yeppie beard-day……………………………………………………………….

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU and U.. Yes it’s you! Lilian’s boy boy and ang ang…

    May the Spirit of Joy always follow you .. and your boi boi and your boh… like “tiu hio guai” (cantonese) šŸ™‚

  10. ” Happy Birthday To U, Happy Birthday To U, Happy Birthday To 5xMom’s lou kong and tai siu yeh, Happy Birthday To U Both!! ” – – why nobody sings song for them, so I do it first la !

    Thanks anyway for your visit in my new domain.

  11. Happy bird-day the very hensem mia e-kai jeh foo and hensem mia e-kai jai #1 . wahhaahahh.. i sound so stupid.

    Anyway .. Many happy returns of the day.

  12. what u feed them ah? from baby until now still muka sama itu maciam? Like got potion to make them be young and cute cute all the time itu macam . Mine only one, grow up like big man edi..*sigh*

  13. terence – That photos all in those sticky type album la. I dunwan to kopek. And I have scanner but mahfan to lift up the flap and scan lah. I thiak with macro mode mah can lor.

  14. Rafidah Aziz’s version of Birthday Song

    AP BurfDay to U
    AP BurfDay to U
    AP BurfDay to Lu eh lou kong and kia
    AP BurfDay to U

    P.S. Sendiri tanya Rafidah for the AP ah.

  15. Happy Birthday Jeff and 5XMom’s atm!
    Lilian, did you get them all to dress in the black theme for the dinner?

    Happy thoughts coming your way, and God bless!

  16. Happy Birthday to Sr Mr Loh and Jr. Mr Loh. May your wishes come true. Wishing you all the good health and wealth too. Lilian, your eldest son don’t really change alot har. Can know that little baby is him. Time really flies so fast har, I miss carrying my 2 little monsters when they are young too. Now cannot carry liau even they are 2 and 4 yrs old – heavy mah…….. hahahaha

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