These boots are made for walking

The other day, Terrence’s green boots caught my eyes and I was like, wow, this guy has to has lots of styles and panache to carry that pair of shoes! So, I sort of admire him for the taste.

Well, do you notice that it is not easy to wear Western styles cowboy suits? I think in order for a woman to look good in one, she has to has a slim butt, long legs and real busty. Otherwise, the shirt will make her looks like man, the jeans will show off her fat butts and the boots will make her legs short.

Then, again, that is before I take a look at this site selling cowboy boots. They have made the boots so feminine and I love the red pair.

Imagine complete the suit with a belt like the Leegin Belt and a white cowboy hat? Oh wow, is that one red, hot mama or what?

What I am missing here is a gun. Yeah! So, if you are adventurous enough, take a look at The Boot Store which sells cowboy boots, work boots and western wear like Cruel Girl, Lucchese, Ariat boots, Wrangler jeans, Stetson cowboy hats and many more. If I have a daughter, I will definitely get her a pair of this pink boots. (Moms, you are going to adore the range of kids boots)

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