“Why women drivers suxs?”

#2 son : What’s in woman’s jeans that man doesn’t have?

Me : Huh? What jeans?

#2 : G.E.N.E.S lah! Why women drivers suxs and men don’t?

Me : Who says women drivers suxs!!!!!

#2 : You see, papa just need one turn and he gets out of the carpark. You need to turn don’t know how many twists then only you can get out.

Me : HOI! I am a woman, so more careful. I got more senses because I need to protect the youngs. Nature instinct, mothers are supposed to protect their youngs. So, I have all these extra senses and protectiveness. That’s how I bring you up so big now, never squashed you, crushed you or whatever. See?

#2 : Yalah, yalah, all your excuses. Go blog it lah.

Me : I will! Simply say. Who says women drivers suxs?


Actually, my post is not finished. I am blogging from CoffeeBeans and my toddler hijacked my laptop.

19 thoughts on ““Why women drivers suxs?”

  1. err me … not all la, but i would say 4/10 women drivers sucks …

    most of the time, when some fella swerve into my lane without signaling nor anything, i will chase up and see who is it, and will attempt to give cock eye stare … see see its a lady driver …

    most of the time when someone comes out of the corner/junction/roundabout without stopping, resulting in me slamming hard on the brakes … i will chase them up and attempt to give cock eye stare, and a finger … see its a lady driver

    so yeah, i would say that lady drivers sucks …

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  3. You are so rite, we mother are more careful not only with the young one but also the asset mah. If kena scratch kena go repair pulak – $$$$ again. Anyway, some men drivers are also suxs leh………….. šŸ™‚

  4. willy – He hijacked my laptop and I cannot finish my post and now everyone says Women Drivers Suxs and I cannot defend my women folks! You say lah, chialat or not?

    frostee – Apa AMG? Apa negara itu?

    Erina – The conver was much longer but I did not manage to complete it and kena kicked aside. End up, I sit there in Coffee Bean for two hours (to wait to pick my older kids) looking at Matthew playing. Haiyor.

    Leah – It is my TextLinkAds plugin and I can’t seem to solve it and also cannot change it cos my ads depend on it. So, I just let it be and wait for support from TLA to get back to me.

    clement – I say.

    Earl – Tiu, my post nochet finished one, you skali come and comment. Now, all women driver suxs, except 5xmom.

  5. It’s true that some/most people (unless you are a lady) think that lady drivers suxx. But to be fair, I have met many male drivers that don’t use their brain while driving. All the things that earl-ku mentioned, I experienced even with male drivers before.

    It can be a little frustrating and dangerous at times. So, to generalize drivers who suxx are lady drivers only, is wrong. People should learn to follow the rules more often — use the signal lights, check mirrors before turning or switching lanes, be alert on what the cars around you are doing, etc. Then only will the road be “safer”.

  6. Well, I have something to say…
    Agreed with Erina… we women are more careful and protective.
    But not all women are sucks drivers…

    Hey, I drove all the way from Mutiara Resort to E&O Hotel within 20mins, with heavy traffics…. Ah huh … that’s not sucks.


  7. Lets see.. to judge a person whether they are driving sucks or not is quite hard to decide. but there’s always a general rule of thumb known to man kind. most woman sucks at driving. šŸ˜›

    I dont suck at driving, just blur blur once in a while. ask cely and hongkiat.

    my ex gfs, they are not really bad drivers, but they don’t obey laws either. Sometimes they drive much more dangerous than me.

    so, before aunty’s post even finish, the answer is already out. šŸ˜›

  8. regarding this parking thing, it seem men have better 3d spatial reasoning (agak the distance between objek) compare to women. that why men park faster, cos women sked hit the car in front or behind ma

  9. i speculate that the reason why men always say women drivers suck is because cars are their specialty so they feel that they must not let themselves lose to women. They cannot take the fact that women are getting better at more stuff that used to be dominated by men, and yet they’re still incapable of doing women-stuff like… giving birth to a child or something…

    but… it’s a fact that some women really drive either too slow or too fast, and really terribly that you cannot help but feel like giving them a one-finger salute lor…

  10. Oi terence – Tidur lah! I forget my storyline after all the readers come tembak from all angles.

    sleepyhao – Mine kasi right to the stomach, whack!

  11. I don’t think it’s down to gender. Some men drivers are cowdungs too. I suppose because we’ve witnessed women drivers in a panicky situation where instead of slamming the brakes they hit the gas. But this doesn’t mean we can go generalizing them… šŸ™‚

  12. Women drivers can get a little clumsy, I agree. But many men drive ruled by their temper! Wa mia loukong for one. Swears anything and the son follows. ‘Oh S**t!’ and true like what mimi psycho said, cars their specialty. I got hurt, he didn’t even notice. The car a little scratched (not my fault, hit and drive off case!) next day got interrogated liao.

  13. ok, conclusion.
    woman driver sux… even my mom’s driving scary sometimes.

    men swear only ma, they turn out from corners got put on *blink blink* one ok. woman ah, wahsai, keluar liao baru wanna see the back got car or not.

    5 eks mom, u liddat anot?

    oh wait, women drivers either they damn ganas, or damn slow. travelling from 60kph can suddenly slow to 20kph coz got a small dip on the road caused by underground wirings. i follow from the back need to hantam brake kao kao *curse*

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