23 thoughts on “Wish you are here……

  1. Mouth watering. Eh, the first plate look so little only. I’ll need at least two plates to fill up my stomach. Wahh…so many prawns *slurp*

  2. luckily i just cooked and stole some food …. else…i will curse you till the end of the earth.

    oh… steam mushroom in sesame old + soya sauce and sliced ginger…. yummmmmmmmmy!!!! oh… no pics though….

    nowadays… holidays means be chef!

  3. i’m going to penang in about a month time, i’m going to go after this for sure………slurrrpp slurrppp !!! and also all favourite asam laksa, prawn mee, white curry laksa……can’t wait !!!

  4. errkk.. *gets sick looking at the ckt pics* i dunno why, but i really am not a ckt kinda person.. lucky me.. lol

  5. There is one kopitiam in Seapark Petaling Jaya where many Penangites frequents, which the customers claimed taste close to Penang food. I think the name is Restoran O & S.

    Anyone can tell me?

  6. Auntie….I wanna eat too! I go back kedah on May, so may I taste it too ma?

    Agnes tan- seapark where got? The rasa not like penang char keow teow la…

  7. Hey Lilian!!

    Are you the Lilian who started the Malaysian Mom Share?

    Now I dislike you already. No, not you, but this food post!!!!!!! I was just complaining to my neighbour that I miss Penang Char Kueh Tiaw (I am from Kuching but in Adelaide atm). I used to stay in KL and eat that three times a week!!!!

    DHL some over please!!!!

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