23 thoughts on “Wish you are here……

  1. luckily i just cooked and stole some food …. else…i will curse you till the end of the earth.

    oh… steam mushroom in sesame old + soya sauce and sliced ginger…. yummmmmmmmmy!!!! oh… no pics though….

    nowadays… holidays means be chef!

  2. i’m going to penang in about a month time, i’m going to go after this for sure………slurrrpp slurrppp !!! and also all favourite asam laksa, prawn mee, white curry laksa……can’t wait !!!

  3. errkk.. *gets sick looking at the ckt pics* i dunno why, but i really am not a ckt kinda person.. lucky me.. lol

  4. There is one kopitiam in Seapark Petaling Jaya where many Penangites frequents, which the customers claimed taste close to Penang food. I think the name is Restoran O & S.

    Anyone can tell me?

  5. Auntie….I wanna eat too! I go back kedah on May, so may I taste it too ma?

    Agnes tan- seapark where got? The rasa not like penang char keow teow la…

  6. Hey Lilian!!

    Are you the Lilian who started the Malaysian Mom Share?

    Now I dislike you already. No, not you, but this food post!!!!!!! I was just complaining to my neighbour that I miss Penang Char Kueh Tiaw (I am from Kuching but in Adelaide atm). I used to stay in KL and eat that three times a week!!!!

    DHL some over please!!!!

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