Bengali Chin (Brazilian Wax)

Writing paid posts can be very stressful sometimes. If you have a competitive streak and a kiasu nature like some of us, you will understand what maniacs we are in wanting to be better, in terms of income, position and variety of posts we cover. If you wonder how some of us women can rake in USD1K to USD1.5K (my highest achievement so far) in just paid posts from just one company in just one month (clear as mud?), then, let me tell you some secrets.

In between banging our keyboards, causing smokes and sirens, we MSN each other and talk craps. There was this topic about Brazilian wax. Well, if you do not know what it is, let me explain explicitly. It is a method to remove hairs from your ‘undergrowth’. Boleh faham?

So, I was telling one of my girlfriend on MSN that I will never, ever do that because I do not want to end up with bengali chin. Bengali is Punjabi/Sikh? With all due respect to them, they are a lot hairier than Chinese men. So, the thought of the stubble of a Punjabi man’s chin appeared in my mind.

With another girlfriend, I found out that Brazilian wax costs a lot of money, is very painful (dun belief, you go pluck one of your pubes hair and tell me?) and lasts only one week. I told her it is madness to go through those agony for just one week of being a hairless chicken. Nay…no way, man. Moreover, those Caucasian women with blonde hair is a different story altogether. The colour of the hair and their skin matches. Whereas for us Chinese, our skin is fair, our hair is black.

Of course, there are more crazy stuffs we women shared on MSN which are not appropriate to post here. But the next time you watch a porn, think Bengali Chin? I bet that will give you a huge turn off.

Yay, once again 5xmom berjaya membenteras maksiat gambar lucah with her wit! Hip, hip hooray!

22 thoughts on “Bengali Chin (Brazilian Wax)

  1. hahahaa… i always wondered how you ladies uses it. Is it like the wax from the candle ah? you know, burn a candle, let the wax drip on your “undergrowth” like you put it, let the wax harden so all the growths are embedded into the wax then tear it out ah?

    Like that means, see beh painful isn’t it?

  2. AhPek – For our legs for example, we have these sticky wax papers (nehhh…like those sticking flies wan?) which we stick to the legs, rub it to make it warm and soften and then, yank off the hairs. But hor…down there they use safer kind of wax so that it doesn’t irritate the CB. Haiyar, you lend your AhSoh, your shaver mah can lor. Or do for her. *slaps self for talking too much*

  3. I tried brazillian waxing before on a dare by a girlfriend. It was a very interesting experience. I wouldnt say that its all that bad. It does hurt but the tip is to have it ripped as fast as possible. The slower it is, the more painful. The few days after I was really amazed at how soft and smooth my womanly parts were. But I dont think I would do it again cause being hairless, I feel it makes me more like a child than a woman.

    I remember that it wasnt that expensive, its the price of about one facial session. Many women mainly do it (some men too) because of the closer feel of skin during sex.

    I think if you curious about brazillian, you should just do it, just for the experience.

  4. Brazilian wax memang super the painful. And when the hair starts to grow back, it’s super the itchy. But why do women do it still?
    Oh vanity…thy name is woman!

  5. Sasi : I wouldnt put a blade down there, if I were you. Ingrown hairs down below is definitely not a pleasant feeling.

  6. Sasi & Marina : if shaver and brazalian wax, i choose shaver liau. Brazalian wax si peh painful leh. My friend tried it once in australia – painful leh……. until tears also come out leh

  7. erina – Hahaha, I heard the more you shave, the hairer and thicker the hairs become. LOL.

    terence – Apasal? Shy liao?

    papajoneh – You lah, made me LOL so hard. Blog the step by step lah. Hahaha. Want a career change, this is good to explore.

    lotsofcravings – I don’t know wor…

    marina – Yeah, I can imagine the stubbles.

    lil mspinky – No way!

    Marina – Ouch, I won’t ever dare do it! Going for pap smear gives me cold sweat already, what more this. Hahahaha.

    little ray – Yeah, better read something constructive, run fast fast away.

    sasi – Maybe they should start marketing shavers for this purpose?

  8. Niasing, i wanna rant now. After spending dunno how long in the bathroom, he says he dont like it woh…. nmfl. Waste my time oni. Abuthen, hoh….. i feel so light and errr, cool… and errr…. innocent… (ptuiii)

    Cb, now… like abt to go for another caesarean birth oni……….. knn…

  9. Tips for a not so painful waxing.
    1. Hold your breath slowly and steadily when you are about to pull the wax strip
    2. Release breath upon wax strip removal.

    Do the same for injection at clinic/hospital too.
    It works for me. Damn scared of injection and waxing

    By the way, i have just invested in a Braun epilator to do hand and underarm, first time is very painful, after a while it’s fine. It plucks directly but don’t use it on your chicken and duck meant for cooking. Icky 🙁

    Next option is hair threading like the lau ah emh (old aunties). Very fast and clean. Find this service at those Indian beauty centre. It’s the cheapest.

  10. Actually, peeps, Bazilan Waxing is the best thing I ever discovered. I feel so clean after that especially during “that time of the month”. Also, contrary to what most of you think, the regrowth is actually finer as the hair is pulled all the way to the roots. Trust me! No Bengali Chin hehehehehe…….

    However, the downside is only KL has really good joints to get a Brazilian. Since I’m in Penang, I have to learn to do it myself, and believe me, it’s a trial and error thing. What I learnt helps lessen the pain is:

    1. pull the wax strip out really fast! or
    2. dust a light layer of talcum powder on the area you want to wax.

  11. u must be dumb or stupid to say a Bengali is Punjabi/Sikh. a Sikh is a person who folloew the religion sikhism, a Punjabi is a person who is from the region of Punjab and a Bengali is a person from Bangladesh.

  12. Brazilian wax is a only slightly painful for first-timers. It depends on the waxer to, the lady that did mine was very professional and quick. I did it because I want to be clean down there..

  13. Hey,

    Jus found out that they opened a waxing shop that is dedicated to only waxing in Penang in Island Plaza. They also offer Brazilian. Booked in already and see how it goes……

  14. lala do u know the name of the shop in penang that do good brazilian wax. tried a shop at island plaza called gina beauty but it was crap.

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