Five days holiday and I can’t go anywhere *bawls*

You know hor, last time got some mamas pissed me so much because whenever I took my kids anywhere, overseas and otherwise, they will pok-pek about how tough it is to travel with little ones. It is like the world is ending to them if they have to travel. Meanwhile, for me, it is sap-sap sui.

It is always good to get the babies to fly, cruise, travel by car or whatever from as young as four months old because once they are used to it, they won’t be the katak who gets frightened over every little thing. Now, looking back, I am glad I had taken my kids from Europe to Australia to parts of Asia.

Right now, with them in school and involved in all sort of activities, going anywhere on family holiday is like trying to arrange an appointment with George Bush. Our schedules almost never agree.

So, tomorrow till Wednesday is a holiday for all of them. The hubby is taking annual leave on Monday. So, great, with so many days, shouldn’t we be flying off to Bali, Koh Samui or some islands in Sabah? Or how about Hongkong Disneyland? Or check out Australia? Well, frankly, we cannot afford flying as a family now because it means four adults tickets and two 75% price children ticket. If you are talking about those no-frills airlines, then, it is six adult fares ticket. Add two hotels rooms per night and wah piang! Enough to fund a college education already.

Never mind, we want to bring toddler to see Happy Feet (penguins lah) and take a ride on the cable car in Langkawi. Also, he hasn’t fly since he was 8 months old and being on a plane is very thrilling for him, right? And I could get a few bottles of liquor tax free. But no……#2 has some training camp. #1 said if we are not going to stay in Langkawi for three days, he is not coming along. Atm said Langkawi can go for day trip. I said I am not going to deal with car ride with a pukey toddler. Ting-tong-ting-tong….

Now, I am not sure what I am going to do for the next five days. How lah? Never mind, I do marathon paid posts. Lagi kaya. Blek! Maybe I leave #2 with my sis and we just fly off to Langkawi. Or is that a little cruel? Sigh….

9 thoughts on “Five days holiday and I can’t go anywhere *bawls*

  1. No woh, I like traveling with my kids!!! Can go lah, just got to tell #2 that he’s staying away only. But last minute got hotel or not? Flight ticket also susah to get liao…BTW, me going to Bali soon, you and your whole family wanna join or not? LOL!
    Let’s go hantam the paid posts and save up for the family trip!

  2. Leave the kids with your hubby for a day, then go pamper yourself with massage and spa and facial etc etc.
    Long holidays like this, wanna go anywhere local oso me need to think-think first … takut later get caught up with the jam frenzy!

  3. Go to BUKIT MERAH LAKE TOWN for some great fun!!!!!

    But enter from Taiping. The Bukit Merah toll demolished liao!

  4. clement – Got la, at least see some new places and take some photos.

    terence – Hah, you bring up Pukimerah wan ha, not me ha. If I bring up, later I traumatised you pulak. Haih….I still haven’t finished laffing over some gong ah beng who went to Pukimerah for some great fun!!!!

    mendee – Haiyor, I tak biasa with this kind of lifestyle wan lah. I hate ppl touching me. Hahaha.

    shoppingmum – I wish lah. Eh, one day we all kaya kaya mia posties buat rombongan pegi jalan-jalan. Bring banner “We are rich”. Hahaha.

  5. ur kids can take care of themselves liao, u & hubby plus the younger ones should go. u need quality time & relax too! soon before u know it the babies all grow wings & fly away oredi!

  6. Ah Beng – Dun mention it, later your taikor nightmare. And hor, if I go long-long, I sked you miss my blogs lah.

    fishtail – That’s a good idea too. But I heard we need to do a lot of trekking. My youngest kid is not game for that yet.

    wuching – I manyak worries wan, so what we are going to do is to go for a day trip. It is just 1.5 hrs drive from here only.

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