I am damn kiut, ok?

I bought chanlilian.org and am waiting for chanlilian.com to expire. But I just recalled some CCB anon comment that I am too money-minded and am not spending enough time with my children. KNN, you say angry or not?


So, I just wanna tell her/him/wateva that I am damn kiut. I can manage writing for money, my ‘for the community’ stuffs and blardy hell, I make great dinners too. Kiut like the pink bear bear on my pink Vaio.


Above pic is a cut of bitter gourd and salted duck egg. Duck eggs are soaked in brine until the yolks hardened into a nice orangey colour. It is very saltish, as the name implies. Then, the eggs are covered with a I donno-what-it-is, maybe ash/sawdust? to keep it moist and to preserve it. And if anyone tells you that his parents have gone to sell salted eggs, it means the old man is dead. I don’t know why they have to sell salted egg in the next life.

Actually, I am having a paid-writer mental block and just crapping a bit because I had been staring at some hairless crotch/thongs/g-strings and need to do a review for a lingerie site and pass up my assignment. (for my other blog, not here, stop drooling)


My dinner – Nice or not? Corn soup, bitter gourd with salted eggs, meat balls stew with potatoes and some icky looking, damn expensive vegetarian fish.

Now….who have been to Langkawi and took the ride on the cable car? Tell me what I need to know? Do we have to track/walk or anything like that?

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  1. I have been to Langkawi few years ago and rode the cable when it just was opened probabably for few months.

    There are two viewing stations and it is possible to get off and rejoin the cable car at station one. A walking trek between the 2 stations has been carved through the vegetation allowing a refreshing walk. Depending on the weather, it can be quite cold and windy.

    The view from both the stations are breathtakings and the ride up is much steeper than the Genting Cable car.

  2. i’m going to langkawi on the 15th. but no time to go jalan-jalan, lah, aisehhh…

    the pink bear sitting on the pink vaio is *so* the comel. geram.

  3. agree with flsam. If you’re the ‘gayat’ type…then it’s your choice whether to go up or not. It’s much-much steeper than Genting.

  4. err the cable car to the top is scary … the most scaring part of a cable car is the hook on and hook off period, whereby the cable car’s hook is very simple and looks fucking dangerous … and for the langkawi cable car, u hook on 4 times and unhook 4 times, scary like fuck …

    and the walk down to the hanging bridge is blardy tiring, but once u are there, wow … the scene is great, wear some flat jogging shoes, trek can be wet sometimes … and the walk back up is blardy tiring …

    finish taking ur pics at the two viewing tower the moment u get down the cable car and the only u head down to the hanging bridge … and dont bring too much stuff up there, anything falls off the bridge, remains there … hahahaha

  5. Buy Vodka and Glenfiddich for me please. šŸ™‚

    You will only need to do a little tracking when you are at the top of the hill to go to the curvy bridge. It’s a must-go place.

  6. The ride up on the cable car can be a bit scary to me …coz hor I was like think-three-think-four, wat if cable putus lar, wat if wind blow car off cable lar, this lar that lar *LOL*. You need to trek a little if you want to walk the bridge, and being on the bridge can be quite scary especially when the wind blows … coz hor, i think-three-think-four again lor … wat if hor the wind can blow me off la, this lar that lar *LOL* .. but it was a nice experience and sight šŸ™‚

  7. nope, u dont have to hike…there are a few viewing platforms, of which one u can see to thailand on a good day. u’ll need to climb some stairs to get from platform to platform tho..hiking is also optional as there is a short track. i went on the track and ended up below the bridge. the track will somehow lead to another viewing platform

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