Don’t know what to write….


no time to write a proper post;

weekend no traffic;

my life is too boring already;

the local blogsphere is damn lame already;

I didn’t stumble upon any blogger that I can gush over;

no one makes me angry or tulan;

I didn’t read the newspaper and no politicins makes me tulan;

no earthquake or tremors;

no one to pick a fight with;

I didn’t eat anything weird like bull penis or pig’s vagina; (serious, got such stuffs, ok?)

I am just feeling the blues…..

So, tell me how, folks? What do you think I should write?

13 thoughts on “Don’t know what to write….

  1. quick go and check see all your blog’s ranking got increased or not. If got increased sure got lots of things to write liao.

  2. lilian you big, pink, *toot* *toot* mother of 5…. go find ur bull’s penis and pig’s vagina and shove them down the toilet…

    how? angry or not? ok. blog about it!

  3. No earthquake or tremor then you can just jump up and down on the floor until one actually happens, you didn’t eat anything weird like bull penis or pig’s vagina then just go market buy lor… hahahahhahaha

  4. shoppingmum – Yealor, long time no MGT

    sotongzhai – Yeah, you hensem mah. No need to say liao.

    bryan – I no choice must like Penang oni. Hahaha.

    sleepyhao – I cari gaduh but no one wanna gaduh with me.

    willy – No spark oso.

    ahpek – Lucky never drop enuff liao, somemore dare to think of increase? I see a lot of PR5/10 dropped ler.

    clement – everything

    stev – Wuah, nothing means something so better don’t say nothing

    OI terence – make me angry lah, no angry, no inspirasi to blog.

  5. Well.. you can pick a fight with me.. lol !!!
    That would give you something to write about .. hhahahaha!!
    But donch fight too hard with me ok.. i’m a softie.. 😉

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