Kembangnyerrrr…#10 on 70 weblog paling popular di Malaysia 2007

Kawan-kawan semua, cepat datang yamseng sama gua. Gua mia blog dapat posisi NUMBER SEPULUH dalam 70 weblog paling popular di Malaysia 2007.

Jangan main-main, wei. Bukan senang nak dapat tau? This is a compilation of 70 most [tag]popular[/tag] weblogs in [tag]Malaysia[/tag] 2007. Syed Syahrul took the task of getting the Technorati and Alexa rankings of the[tag] blogs[/tag] in Malaysia. Thanks, Syed. It must have been a lot of work for you.

Here’s the excerpt of the Top Ten.

Nama Blog
Traffic Rank Alexa
Technorati Rank

1 – Liew CF
Rank: 2,915 (1,451 links from 755 blogs)

2 – Paul Tan
Rank: 7,965 (733 links from 396 blogs)

3 – Kenny Sia
Rank: 290 (4,145 links from 2,429 blogs)

4 – Kahsoon


Rank: 29,812 (234 links from 135 blogs)

5 – Jeff Ooi
Rank: 1,721 (2,591 links from 1,033 blogs)

6 – Hemmy


Rank: 2,133 (1,578 links from 910 blogs)

7 – MuatTurun


Rank: 20,185 (403 links from 186 blogs)

8 – Gobala Krishnan


Rank: 19,972 (420 links from 188 blogs)

9 – Sabahan


Rank: 17,062 (803 links from 217 blogs)

10 รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Chan lilian

55,5 29

Rank: 10,439 (1,131 links from 297 blogs)

Actually, since then, my Technorati has gone even much lower at around 4,700K and my Alexa too dropped to only 53K. But never mind, it is still all good fun.


And if this is not enough, my Make$Money$ blog is on position number 20, which is way above many other bloggers. *farts, smell my fart!* I can’t believe it. Cun! And my food blog at is on position 33.

I know all the sourgrapers are going to tell us ‘Alexa is easily rigged’. Technorati ranking is easily boosted. All these are bullshits. My reply, “So clever go and do lor. Talk what somemore!”

So, to all my peminat-peminat, fansi-fansi, banyak-banyak terima kasut, eh, terima kasih atas sokongan anda. Cik adik, cik abang semua, moga-moga saya terus berusaha. Majulah blog untuk negara. Ceh, perasan sial.

And if you people seriously think that I am boasting over this, please go to the market and buy yourself a cucumber and stuff it up your arse. I am just joking, ok?

33 thoughts on “Kembangnyerrrr…#10 on 70 weblog paling popular di Malaysia 2007

  1. woi, gua jeles!

    gua alexa ada 176,127
    technorati ada 11,754 (727 links from 303 blogs)

    apasal nama tadak!??

    gua mau sue!! :-))

  2. Tahniah! Bila blog saya boleh kat dalam itu 70puluh blog paling popular… hmmm… lagi, mengapa saya juga cakap dalam BM ar?

  3. xyiry – Wuah, I #10 already song sei lor.

    bossL – I happened to be there at the right place at the right time.

    hao – Hahaha, we are Malaysians mah.

    wuching – telimaksik

    ahpek – My face skin thick mah, go beg syed to include my blog when he calling for the submissions. If not where got ppl notice lah. I kuat bodek wan, you tak tau kah?

  4. Hahaha, Ah Kau, Ah Beng, lu olang ikut lu mia taikor keluar kampung kah? Skali semua pun datang. Techno Roti itu manyak kerng wan. Out of 70 millions blogs in the whole wide world, my blog ranks 4,600. Cun?

    terence – *swoons and faints* Blek. :p

    moo_t – Whacha mean?

  5. Congratz auntie, you at top 10 ya! My blogging secret also in the list, tak sangka new blogger like me also can in the list la. lol!I need to work more and more liao, I wanna hit my alexa below 100k and technorati rank below 5k! both is half way, coming soon liao!

  6. Tahniah!! Sungguhpun bukan kena Who wants to be a Millionaire. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Eh Lilian, sudah boleh bagi ceramah – jual teket ceramah utk dengar lilian chan (bukan too) punya “Berbelog sebagai mata pencarian dari katil rumah.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Kmak…………………….. congrats to u………………………………………. Later u say i cheong hei, so suak, i dun wanna say much! ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. wahrao 5xmom ๐Ÿ˜€
    who knows one day u’ll beat kennysia!
    lu manyak hebat!

  9. hey lilian. i love reading your blog. i discovered your blog through i-can’t-remember-where last week and since then i keep on reading your blog everyday. i even read your archives for HOURS.

    i like you. you’re so funny. congrats.

  10. Congratulation……… me so happy to see this from your blog! *honest one, ok*. Anyhow, i also agree with Terence, no matter what, you are still no1 in my heart and also to agree with zewt, go knock that kennysia. Support you all the way……. don’t play play with my lengcheh har….

  11. I want to congratulate you…but I am still so blur as to how the whole thing works. How can your Technocrati/Alexa drop if you’re linked to other blogs?

    Anyways….since this comment costs $$$ to you…


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