Clement Wong Pak Yew – Get your sorry ass out of my blog

Clement Wong Pak Yew – You have been deleted. All your lame comments to gain traffic. Your stupid alexa redirect URL. If you think you can suck up to my blog to gain traffic, you are dead wrong. You have just been shamed.

Tell me folks, what kind of sicko would think like this?


April 30th, 2007 at 12:10 am

i ask u this… if a women beats up a man? will that be a big deal? man have to put up with all that.. bottled up.. if a wife keeps hubby happy.. will this post be here?

The post is about domestic violence. And this asshole by the name of Clement Wong Pak Yew said : IF A WIFE KEEPS A HUBBY HAPPY, SHE WON’T GET BEATEN. IF SHE GETS BEATEN, THEN SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH HER TO DESERVE IT.

Well, MTFker, listen here. I take offence with these sort of moronic thinking from any male. You are no different from those bunch of baboons who said ‘Women get rape because they wear revealing clothes.’

It makes me so sick to visit your peverted blog. Folks, please pay a visit to his pathetic blog and tell me if you notice :

1) He is a pedo with a fetish for small, cute babies;

2) He is a wanker;

Here, Clement Wong Pak Yew, pevert, pedo, wanker, religious nut, fat, ugly looking MTFker.

Ooohhh..have I just helped you in SEO? You bet! Clement Wong Pak Yew, pevert, pedo, wanker, religious nut, fat, ugly looking MTFker

42 thoughts on “Clement Wong Pak Yew – Get your sorry ass out of my blog

  1. All the Ah Bengs and Ah Kaus sekalian, tolong hentam this fella for me. I am soooo angry. Me going to Langkawheeeee!

  2. my god .. i tot when i like a 17 y/o kid im a pedo.. Now this felle like babies sammor.. majibai .. this kinda ah beng .. throw into sea, shark also dowan eat.

  3. lilian, sorry for asking you here as i can’t find other channel, how much you’re going to sell those lens?

  4. Wahlau!!! I think this will indirectly help boost his traffic lor!!! But in anycase, we certainly dont need morons like these…what kind of thinking is that??? Siao!!

  5. Dearie lilian mama:

    cool down.. leave this crazy man alone.. and go vacation! dont think so much…

    hey u crazy clement Wong Pak Yew!!! “leave her alone!!! u real xxxxXXXxxx!@#$%%!!!”

    ur message to lilian is real disgusting. and u real make her readers angry too!! Please behave yourself!!

    remember! here is not a place for u to promote your blog!! “gosh!!!””


    sorry.. i am just another angry reader too…

    take care my respect lilian Leng Lui ..

  6. Wat a name! Sounds like F**K YOU! LOL! He friend of ur OZ friend…or just same name??

  7. Have a restful Holiday Sis… don’t even think about this cause it isn’t worth your precious time and brain activity. I do hope he wises up and learn from his mistakes considering he’s still at such a tender age. Oh my lord!

  8. haha drown ur anger with the cheap beer there la..i heard take beer baths good for the skin..1RM 1 can of carlsberg or tiger..choose ur pick..ok? if u wan can mix with whiskey and brandy also..

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  10. it’s so sad to come across such persons that believe women is the one at fault if husbands are not happy in a marriage thus leading to breaking down of a marriage ??? Funny that some people thinks it’s oK to abuse Woman verbally also. Perhaps Clement really comes from a dyfunctional family who accepts abuse and therefore he thinks it’s alright for a Man to treat A Woman as such. Also, he probably thinks that soliciting a prostitute is a good excuse for unhappy marriage and bad sex huh ! Disgusting fella ! 5XMom, maybe should have more blog posts on women issues like dis and teach him and others like him a good lesson hor.

  11. wahhhh… what happen here. is this for real. Relax Lilian. go enjoy yourself and family of coz. my server is down now and when its up. im gonna do something to this guy in support of Lilian post here.
    u wait ah pervert.

  12. I hope that he didn’t say that. Clement visits my blog quite often (no I don’t have photos of babies posted on mine.. ), Clement, if you did say that, and if you’re reading this, I suggest you own up and apologise.

    It’s irrelevant if the wife keeps the hubby happy or not, or vice versa, one MUST NEVER EVER resort to physical violence. PERIOD.

  13. Boohoooohoo… got home frm work too late leh… the post deleted liao! can’t see that post to hentam sama dia….. u wanna hentam, ‘jee mui mun! let’s get our slippers and clogs and brooms!’

  14. PEEPLES – Go read his post. Awww…so touching, he said he was standing up for all men who got beaten by their wives and I buta-buta whack him pulak. Men, you have a new hero in Clement. Faster go call him the men saviour.


    Gallivanter – What he wrote is on Cedric’s blog. I merely try to interpret it. Muahahar…

    And thanks again to my Ah Beng for standing up for me because he sees the main point. In the first place, if Clement is not sympathetic to what Cedric wrote, he should just shut the fark up instead of pointing finger to the woman. I got angry with Clement for his babble mouth of trying to comment over anything and everything which doesn’t concerns him. I had enuff of him on my blog, making 42 comments in 30 days, all filled with nothing but rubbish.

    Once again, all the males, go worship Clement’s fat ass for he stood up for all of you. Wuah….so kamtung.

  15. *Yawns* Dont believe in damage control. Dont want to give him traffic also.

  16. ALAMAK!!! Clement is a friend from my hometown ler…I can’t believe that he did such thing!!! Clement, what did you do??? Wanna gain traffic also no need like that lar…sia soi only!

    *smack head*

  17. Only now i know the whole truth. man, been blog hopping and reading cedric post, comments, many2 many times… and i just got to go to his blog just now just becoz Lilian recommended it. Didn’t go there at first coz do not want to give free traffic. But now i know.
    Bad comment on a very sensitive issue. Even apologizing pun salah cakap. Represent us Men pulak. Well, Clement Boy. Until you become a real man, you should have just shut up. You give us real men disgrace.. Bikin malu saja. With this, officially, i stated here, in front of all Lilian’s frenz and visitors.. PapaJoneh going to ban you as a spammer to my blog. There. you out for good.

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