What blogs are boring?

1) Blogs on politics

2) Blogs by politicians

3) Blogs by politican-wannabes

4) Blogs by ruling party (eh, got ah?)

5) Blogs by opposition parties

6) Blogs about Ijok, Madchap (actually 1-6 sama pangsa)

7) Blogs about Agogo

8 ) Blogs about making money

9) Blogs about SEO

10) Blogs about technology and gadgets (#7 to #10 punkanpatleong, same lah)

11) Blogs about how cute my kids are

12) Blogs about how cute my cats are

13) Blogs about how cute my dogs are

14) Blogs about how cute my hamsters are (again 11 to 14 sama pangsa)

15) Blogs by PMS-ing girls

16) Blogs by anal retentive guys

17) Blogs by MTFkers who are pain in the asses

18) Blogs about religions

19) Blogs about how great my religion is and how your gods are fake

20) Blogs about how I am going to heaven and you are going to hell

21) Blogs about what I eat today

22) Blogs about what I cook today

23) Blogs about what I watched on Youtube

24) Blogs about what I got from email forwards

25) Blogs about how happening my life is like the millions of birthday parties I have to attend

Haiyor….all blogs are boring lah! So, tell me lah, how? I damn sienz.

I don’t know if we are going to Langkawi tomorrow. The weather is shitty today so we may not want to go in case the cable car kena grounded. So, in case you don’t see me replying to comments, please feel free to use this to gaduh-gaduh with each other, ok? Let’s mud sling! Yay! Call each other names or anything you want. 1, 2, 3 phrreeettt…go! Fight!

17 thoughts on “What blogs are boring?

  1. lilian,

    did you read the feature they did in the star newspaper yesterday, about that book, ‘the secret’?

    come on, let’s all visualise perfect weather together-gether – so you can go to langkawi, and everyone else does.. er… whatever it is they wanted to do…

  2. It’s not so much that the topics are boring, but the way they’re generally told and talked about are. Nearly every blogger is telling it the same exact way. “Oh no the country is turning to crap” blablabla. We know the country is turning to crap. Tell us something new. Change up the narrative a little bit! Make things unpredictable, maybe even amusing! Don’t post for the sake of posting. And good god people, cut down on the ads a little.

    (Except for posts on cats and dogs. I have four cats and there’s no way I could make that interesting even if I have Shakespeare coaching me.)

  3. woooweee!!! that make my blog very interesting!! Come everyone, my blog is interesting!!

    my blog non of the above!

    Lilian,go lah… go to langkawi for few days lah.. you go already, all your readers come to my blog.

  4. aiks… macam tu sei foh lor…

    i’m guilty for..

    uhh… i don’t know which one i’m guilty for. got la one post on ijok and thats it… lol

  5. em… i think blog about crime is excited, way or method to commit crime.. haha… later blogger get cought after some stupid idiot follow the way to commit crime.

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