Today, 1st May is my #4 son’s death anniversary….

but I shall not write about that. If you wish to know what happened, you can read this letter I wrote to his nurse in Penang (because he died in UMMC, KL) in May 2002 where I related to her what happened on May 1st. It was tough on his first year anniversary, where I made webpage for him with Yahoo Geocities. But things get easy because one has to move on. Especially for me because I have a lot to live for. Anyway, Vincent, you are still very much part of our life, and your name is always in our conversation. Even your baby brother Matthew speaks about you. Like he asked, what is your favourite cartoon, what is your favourite foods, etc except that I had to remind him you died as baby, before you actually knew about all those things.

Vincent Loh
24th September 2001 – 1st May, 2002


No comments about all the above, ok?

Now, my butt is pain pain and my legs are aching ‘cos we made it Langkawi and back in one day.


We went for the Langkawi Cable Car Ride and boy, it was fun. I had been to Genting, HK Ocean Park, Australia Blue Mountains and I must say Langkawi is pretty impressive too.


The weather was a little on the dark side, with drizzle, lots of mist but our persistent waiting pays off. We got to the top and went for the suspension bridge climb.


Holy shite, I didn’t know the suspension can sway until it starts swaying. Nice!


For only two bucks, I get to play with this huge python. Oi, the python is not the white shirt wan lah! Apararu! Blek!


Snake! Cute hor? Sorry to all who got freaked out by the snake, ok? Like Romantic?


And this is in the underwater tunnel at Langkawi Underwater World where we took our toddler to see penguins. This pic is taken with my camera phone. I like. The shark above and I so matching.

Today, May 1st is also Labour Day in Malaysia and the Buddists are celebrating Wesak Day or Lord’s Buddha Enlightment day (the 15th day of the fourth lunar month). Coincidentally, both falls on the same day. So, happy holidays to all and Happy Wesak! I am going to chase some Lord Buddha’s chariot for photography reason. Hope your holiday is a good one too!

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  1. wanna say something about the top paragraph..but u said no need… so me tiam tiam lah.
    anyway, love your picture shots..except the ular thing. kesian me, never been to Langkawi. My whole family already been there except me. kesian. Hope u display more picture. I think i only know the “Helang” big statue there. that’s all. Pathetic of me.

    and as if u care, my server was and is down and so i lepak here and there, yea including ahpek too. hope u don’t mind. im kind of boring now. šŸ™

  2. Wow…the shots were well taken. Taken by your husband i guessed. Have you ever thought of submiting them to the National Geographic? You could be a good writer you know after reading almost all your blogs here…except they might not like those WTF, F@#@ languages you used at times…Haha

    Anyway, I have not been to Langkawi for years…I meant God knows how many years. I didn’t know that it has grown to be so nice after so many years. Hmmm…I think I should take some time off from work to stressed out. Maybe I’ll just try out FireFlyz Airlines.

    By the way, I ‘m just another newbie in this mind boggling blogging thingie. Good to know you…

  3. The bridge still there ar? Did the cables snapped? The python survived the ordeal? *Bwahahaha* Glad you enjoyed your holiday. Also glad that Langkahwhee is still in 1 piece after your visit.

  4. samm – Tired like hell but fun nevertheless. Now my calves muscle hurts, my butt hurts from sitting too long with toddler on my lap (boat ride, car ride, van ride). And I am going back to nap again.

    Ah Beng – Eh, how many hours have you been staring at my pic ah? Cilaka lu. I said drizzling mah and with the thick mist, my hair wet and I pinned it up. Cipet.

    simon – Haiyor, I said the Langkawi Cable Car lah. ‘Cos the terrain is more chiqik due to the thick rain forest. When we got up there, there is a total silence due to the pressure in our ears, the thick mist shrouded everything and we sort of feel like hanging in limbo. Plus we never know how good is the maintenance, so there is an element of dicing with death. Cool air around 22 deg. C. Best nyerrr…Only RM45 for the whole family ride wor. Cheap ler.

    calvyn & Criz – I have two DSLR, three P&S cameras and three camera phones. LOL, so I am not sure which photo is which. But I didn’t take out the DLSR much cos of the rain and mist. My lens cost more than my Nikon D40, wor. Skali kena moisture, habis. And my kids age from 4-17 all very terror in taking pics so I am not sure who takes what too.

    Ah Pek – Ini ular manyak keras mia, the muscle, fuyohhhh…so powerful.

    terence – Cipet. Oi, this is much more fun that PukitMerah, wokay. Hahaha.

    wuching – OZ no Labouring Day hor?

    hao – It is over commercialised already. I had been to Langkawi since 30 years ago until now, maybe altogether like 15 times. But must thank our ex-PM for the cable car idea, it is fun.

    papajoneh – East Malaysia got many nicer places lah. Langkawi is so-so only, beaches not that great, food ok-ok, booze plenty, chocolates plenty but other than that, tarak apa. It is only a short distance from Penang so it is ok for us lah. But not worth for those travelling from far.

  5. I like the snake, it looks cool! Langkawi… I really wish to go again soon! Cheap booze and smoke ma… what else? LOL

  6. My last visit to Langkawi was during the last CNY & the whole cable car spot impressed me a lot too…… doubt, salute to our ex-PM, M’sia boleh jugak!
    But your photos definitely nicer………!!
    never go snorkeling meh or else those shots of colourful fish & corals would be even more attracting……….

  7. The suspension bridge looks romantic, my DH and i can pose like Jack and Rose like in the Titanic movie ;-), if holiday plan to Langkawi possible.

  8. AArgh…almost got heart attack…..You’re very brave Lilian. Even now I’m looking under my desk to see if theres any snake. ( even though I’m in Canada and in the city). LOve the pics in langkawi– sigh , hope I can go back there sometime. have a great holiday.

  9. been there couple of years ago and it was a quiet place.
    no doubt that the cable car was very chikik one la but there really have to do more thing up there at the hill top.
    ee… I was kinda freak for snake.. OK, except mine allright

  10. šŸ˜€ family getaway~~so fun!!n whoa,u r indeed very brave 2 hold d snake n take pics..envy envy~

    how’s d cable car ride?izzit scary?i visited langkawi twice..but both times didnt visit d cable car as i was totally afraid of height…guess my fear was cured after climbing gunung nuang[me think]…hope 2 try d cable car ride 1 day,erm…without screaming inside…d last time i sat in a cable car was in genting n i screamed so loud[coz i was afraid of d heights] til those ppl in d same cable car as me needed 2 close their eyes.. *blushes*

  11. Hi, I’m very sorry to read your story, I too lost a son. He died in 2004 in March, he was a day old. If you would ever like to talk my email is It would be great to talk to someone.

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