All my friends write paid posts! Whee!

Lately, I notice an increase in paid posts from two bloggers that I least expect to get suck into the dark side. And I give myself a little cheer and toast to them.

Firstly, the post by Wuching today got me thinking for a while.

Blogging, where to from here for me?

A good friend of mine who used to read my blog said to me the other day that he’s not going to read my blog anymore because I have too many ads on my blog and they slow down the download.

I can relate with those feelings when I initially write paid posts. You feel sort of guilty and feel bad that your friends hate them. But nay….fark them. You know why? The most we get out of them is probably a few good words that make us happy. But try writing something that don’t agree with them and they will probably hate you, turn against you, stop commenting and reading altogether and that’s all you get. I got some similar comment the other day on my Make$ Money$ blog:

Dissappointed |

I used to like this blog until it is bombarded with too many paid reviews.

Sorry, itÒ€ℒs out forever from my bookmark.

Apr 28, 3:07 PM

The world evolves. It changes. Once upon a time, people did webpages with Yahoo Geocities and making cute little graphics with PaintShop Pro. Then, people start blogging. And we cannot forever go on blogging about our lives all day. Trust me, after a while, you will run out of things to tell. I had written about my ancestors tales right down to my visions for my grandchildren. And repeated some.

So, we move on to the next stage. I.e. making use of our blog to make money. In between, we share some stories. We keep a social circle of bloggers friends. We get richer. And richer. And richer. We give away some, we enjoy some and we save some. All these are good money. In fact, I had just made a huge fixed deposit account from the amount Bryan helped to cash out from my PayPal. All 20K of it. I had earned USD7K from PayPerPost alone, since October 2006. If the current exchange has not dropped from 3.6 to 3.3ish, I had reached my new year resolution.

Simon too has been writing paid posts. Of course, my greatest partner in crime is AhPek.

So, cheers to all the smart people who make use of their blogs to earn money. Just remember not to get sucked in too much and give back when you can. To those delusional ones who still insist blogging is not to make money, then, obviously, they are very stucked in early days of blogging and have not move ahead. Just check out Techcrunch, a PR8/10, can be called a god of blogging, damn rich American who have so many ads on his sidebar, you cannot see a thing besides ads.

The choice is yours. Be left behind or be smart.

23 thoughts on “All my friends write paid posts! Whee!

  1. Hi Lilian, thanks for writing this post. I think i fully agree with you. but for those whose blog have been a bit ‘clean’ all this while, i do feel like guilty putting ads on my blog. although i wanted so much to make bucks out of blogging. but life goes on. join in or be left out. i’m certainly joining the bandwagon.

  2. Jenny – Don’t worry, just jump right in. No one is going to thank us for not writing paid posts, right? πŸ˜› But I do keep my personal blog and my food blog to minimum paid posts. I set a high price for it so I don’t take that many. But for the rest of my blogs (like 10 of them), I whacked them. Hahaha.

  3. Hear hear!!! =) I felt guilty in the beginning to esp when i receive a comment from some unknown reader of mine saying that my personality has change and all that. But I guess this all comes in a package and we just have to not let it affect us!

    Take care and have a nice holiday!

  4. nice and so true post. i just can’t wait for my first PPP. πŸ˜‰ Still young the blog. When its all ripe and ready, im definitely be asking lots question to u lilian. Have to get the Master to teach the apprentice, rite.
    I hope the PR stayed like that or going up so it can help the blog when its ready. Need cash to mantain new hosting, u know πŸ˜‰
    Thanks Lilian. More post like this ok.
    for info, can’t sleep. still “Berjaga-jaga” while watching Live football. πŸ˜‰

  5. I don’t mind for the extra pocket money, just that i don’t have the chance yet. Have to gambatte more… hehehehe

  6. Woi! Ya, you should give some back when you can! TO ME!

    Credit Suisse account no. is…….

  7. You are suppose to post some Wesak Day photography thingy. Why? Like that bugger who bought a camera and put in the dry cabinet ar?? Cipet.

  8. This dark side…has a bright side. And..I’m lovin’ it.

    kekekekekekkekek..thanks again lilian!

  9. mott – Yeah! Mott oso lovin’ it.

    AhPek – Yalor, then we can quietly-quietly do things and no one can kacau hor?

    terence – Heh, at least my camera only costs RM5K and not like some ppl RM14K wan wor. Itu lagi rugi ler. But hor, I sked the crowd lah, here in Penang all very passionate about such event and they are really ganas wan. Skali my VR lens kena holy water mah sei?

    terence – Eh, you kiasu must have the most comments, issit?

    mamabok – You don’t blog for money nvm wor, cos the currency there is not like here. Once you convert there, it is not as attractive here.

    wuching – I lafy you long long liao. Eh, what is lafy hahahaha.

    hao- Yeah, wait for your blog to mature first.

    papajoneh – Jadi pak guard kah? Football? I oso got accompany my atm, he watch, I write paid posts. Win-win.

    princess shin – Yalor, ppl think we got no feelings wan, simply tembak. But never mind lah, we gotta do what we gotta do.

  10. something which i am still thinking….. whether i should join the bandwagon. i still have plenty to write about. maybe when i am done with all my zewtpinions, then i will do PPP. but then again…. like you said… i may be left far behind already…

  11. like dat meh lilian….i dun write PPP wor…cos i shit also no time. If i write PPP then i kenot come and read yr blog leh. hahahah but i still support u ok?

  12. My taikor said he angry liao. Dun want to leave comment for month of May. Blek!!

  13. SAY YES TO PAIDPOSTS!!! SAY YESSS TO PAIDPOSTS!!! But be warned. It can get VERY addictive, YEAH…. LILIAN!!!! We all worked hard for it!!! And expanded our horizons and empire along the way.

    Lets just say, the adrenaline rush, the angst when we failed to grab THE opp, the effort, the late nights, the non-stop blogging and MSN-ing….. ALL WORTH IT!!! Geee…. i havent checked how much i’ve earned so far. Later i post my earnings, kakakakaka.

  14. i hope i did referred you in ppp. i have at least do paid post occasionally, and because of ppp, i blog more πŸ™‚

    so far so good πŸ™‚ thanks aunty Lilian!

  15. Yeah yeah, everyone starts to earn money from the Internet now!
    If anyone needs some PayPal cash out, please feel free to drop me an email. πŸ™‚

  16. To me if you write and manage to get some extra pocket money is interesting mah. About the ad, not to say no good. It’s good also, depending on which angle you look from. Advertisement is where we find out about things and what are the most updating things that people are using. Nowadays, people hang around with the pc so much. I also get to know certain things from the bloggers advertisement leh. Aiyah!!! No matter what lilian, people mulut we cannot jaga so much ka lah……………….

  17. I really like your being honest about it. I’ve just joined the crowd too BUT only for posts I can honestly write about…not those funny, gangster-like LA lawyers looking for linky love! Everyone can do with a bit of cash, right?

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