My chocolate is longer than my laptop! (and some facts about males)


I couldn’t resist grabbing this Toblerone dark chocolate which goes for only RM19.90 for a 400g bar. I mean, who can resist a bargain price like that, right? My dear hubby gave me a killer stare because no one eats dark chocolate except me. In his mind, it will be gone to waste, after sitting for a few months, getting mouldy…… So, in order to prove him wrong, I am going to finish it.


Now, can you visualise how BIG is big? It is 14 inches long, as long as the width of my laptop. Each time, I can only manage one triangle. I suppose if I eat two triangles per day, I should be able to finish them in a week’s time. So tune in and see if I will put on 400 grams in weight as well.

I just recall something today. I must jot this down before I forget.

I was dressed and ready to go out. So, for fun, I asked my toddler whose eyes were fixed on the Gameboy if I look nice. And that kid shows the real man’s character. He blurted with a disinterested look on his face, “Nice lah”. Cis, budak-budak only already know how to answer tricky question. That’s man for you, ladies. It is a waste of time talking to them about things like these.

Which reminds me of another thing. My husband can wakes up at 2 am in the morning and sit right through 5 am in the morning to watch football. He is going to do it again soon, with Italy vs. Man U? (eh, I don’t care what league and what team lah). But if my kid vomits in the middle of the night, I have to kick him to wake up to hold the vomit bucket so that I can run to grab a wad of tissue. He gets grumpy if he needs to change the bedsheets but he is wide awake to cheer some silly men chasng after a ball. Go figure.

18 thoughts on “My chocolate is longer than my laptop! (and some facts about males)

  1. MU vs AC Milan. AC Milan won 3 – 0. Champions League semi-final, so can be excused la…hahahaha

  2. You can share your dark chocolate with PB anytime.. Lilian..! he loves it..!! i donch eat dark chocolates .. šŸ˜‰
    And a good thing.. that PB ain’t into sports/football.. else i’ll vomit blood..! My ex is this way.. read all about sports.. donch play it himself.. but would watch . .and knows everything about it.. and anything else.. zilch..!! *shakes head*

  3. my hub did the same. very committed to watching soccertv…but help with kids….

    tak boleh HARAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I want a chocolate bar that big! Yummm! I could eat it in one sitting. It might bring on a headache but it would be worth it. LOL

  5. if not mistaken, Toblerone last time didn sell in malaysia, my relative stay at canada bough for me when they back to malaysia

  6. U bought in Langkawi lah? U long long, long things, ya? LOL!!! Slow, slow eat, ya! Nicer! Ha ha ha ha ha! (P.S.: Pls dont hantam me, ya! Joking only!)

  7. hahaha………….. man!!! Lawrence is also like that. Football punya pasal, he can set alarm to wake up but if get him to wake up in the middle of the nite to make milk, he will be grumpy. hahahah……………………..

  8. Dunno why I was thinking about kukujiao and suddenly remembered to come layan your blog. HAHAHA

  9. lol… men oways liddat plak XD i’m guilty for da clothing thing, but no i don’t watch football.

    newayz wow where u get the toblerone ha?? i oso wan!! XXL bar leh!! 14 inch leh!!

  10. Im beginning to like your husband already. these few days other than jadi “JAGA'” I spent full time watching football. u probably noticed that in my blog. but i do understand the last paragraph. Hehehe. I used to be like that..but not now.. wife got another burden(big stomach already) to take care, so son things been awarded to me. If he suddenly want his “nenen hot”(hot milklah) in the middle of morning, like 3am.. so dengan berat hati terpaksa juga turun bawa buat susu. isk isk. but thats life being Papa. love it or what? pukul wife lagi… isk isk isk.

  11. hehe same with my man la. Ask to jaga anak in the middle of the night say this and that but then watch football FUOOOOYOHHHH!!! can kill the tiger

  12. football is not only about men chasing balls…
    its about tactics, formation, chemistry n most importantly, d passion [ n 4 some, the betting šŸ™

    its something that girls wont understand as in guys wont understand thhe passion in going shopping n shop n shop

    2 hrs of football
    guys : this is oni the beginning
    girls : its killin me

    2hrs of shopping
    guys : its killin me
    girls : this is oni the beginning

    its even la….

  13. can i comment here again… have to.. sc_leang comment really cool. I think i have to agree with that. for me, recently, because of Liverpool, MU and the action so-called chosen one coach. the rest just ignored. kekeke.

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