True blogging for self *yawns*

I woke up at 10.30 am and switched on my laptop before I head to the bathroom. Brush my teeth, wee-wee and returned to check my mails. It is too cold for a bath because the aircond is brrrrrrrr…..

Mik is outside, in the living room and kitchen, doing her twice weekly housekeeping. (Mik = atm’s niece) Look through my mails and yay, I got a USD100 assignment from ReviewMe. Normally such assignment makes my palms sweat because I like to write the most effective, kick-ass, worth the money post. Mentally, plan to do a few screenshot and write a 500 words post eventhough they ask for a minimum 200 words. Haih…advertisers love me a lot.

Kid is still snoozing and won’t wake that soon. So, I log into my personal blog to check for comments. Read through and smiles. Comments always make me so happy.


Walked to the kitchen, opened the freezer and took out some meats and ribs for cooking later. Dunked them into a bowl of water to thaw. (you are supposed to thaw your meats in the lower section of your fridge, not leave it in the open like what I did, ok?)

Log into PayPerPost and see if I am still up there as the day’s top earner. Oh no, I had been budged to the lower ranks. Never mind, then, let me take a few more opps. Looked at the clock and it is not 12 noon yet (or 12 midnight in PayPerPost) so check if I can take a few more dollars to make it to the top again. Competitiveness keeps me alive. So sue me. šŸ˜›


After that, went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. But it won’t be ready so soon and kid asked for “I WANT MAGGI MEE WITH EGG’. So, guiltily prepare Cintan mee with egg and shared with toddler. Never mind, if I don’t tell and he doesn’t tell, no one knows.


Cooked lotus root soup which is for lunch and dinner. Took some pics which will be used for the next blog post in my food blogs. Minced some meat with a huge cleaver while plotting what blog topics to fill for all my blogs. Chop, chop, chop, die you pig, mince, mince, mince. Make wantan with the minced meat. Heat up rice and leftover potato stew.

Kids returned from school, one by one. They walloped the foods prepared. And I had gone on to write a few more posts. Yeah, I had taken a bath and put on my contact lenses, as well.

And somewhere between cooking, serving meals, writing paid posts, crapping with kids, I suddenly remembered to check my lector‘s roster and die! I am on duty this Saturday. And I thought my next duty is at end of May. I still have problem pronouncing Apocalypse and reading with conviction… I am John. (Jesus’s disciple whom had the vision of what the world will become when Jesus returned to earth. This one real heavy stuff, I tell ya.)

So, I went to sit down quietly to practise my reading. And in between, I took the newspapers to read and The Herald, which is a restricted-distribution Catholic weekly newsletter. All that makes my head spins.


What? You really read through everything? Hehehe. This is blogging for self kind of boring post, ok? Thank you for reading!

11 thoughts on “True blogging for self *yawns*

  1. like dat cin cin cia cia also can blog something out. Show off la…how lucky u are ,,*jeles* haha

  2. Yah … I read through …. I guess that makes me really pat-kua eh *LOL* I just had assam laksa with egg, while my hubby had kari berapi with egg and sausage for lunch yesterday coz we were too lazy to go out to eat … i’m as guilty as you *LOL*

  3. mendee – That kari berapi memang best lah. Maggi wan, rite?

    sasha – Eh, I have been there done that with 3 kids, a full time job, three locations to drop the kids in the morning. Now retire liao mah.

  4. Wow..!! i want Maggie or Cintan noodles too..!! envy your lifestyle lor..!!
    I wanna write PPP too..!!!!! boohoohoo..!!!

  5. kids still take up my time. this time my #2 is down with HFM. can only read when time allow but cannot write. i’m a bad writer.

  6. The kari berapi is the mamee one. The mee bouncy-bouncy, and the soup powder doesn’t clod like maggi’s šŸ™‚

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