Are you doing something special on Mother’s Day?

Well, this is not a commercial nor a publicity promotion. I had thought of not mentioning it all through my blog because as I told Ros, “Let’s keep this simple and low profile.” Initially, I wanted to garner the support of all to make it a bigger event than what we did previously. But due to those bad publicities about charitable bodies fleecing the public, I decided to forget all about it.

We started the ‘Mothering Mothers’ project in 2004. At that time, my heart was very closely attached to UMMC Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) because my son was cared by the wonderful doctors and nurses there. Even after his death, I have the compelling needs to return their good deeds. Then, so happened that another mom, KS had a very critically ill son, Baby Ryan staying in the PICU for over a year. (Ryan eventually passed away too) So, between both of us and the group of wonderful mothers from MyMomsBest forum, we initiated this project call “Mothering Mothers“. What we did was to prepare personalised gifts, wrapped nicely in individual boxes and handed it to all the mothers who were taking care of their sick children in the hospital.

Unless and until you have come face to face with those children who are very, very ill in the hospital, I can tell you that you have never face life in its stark reality. There are kids whom had stayed for years and years there with their mothers. There are kids on the verge of death. Yet, inspite of all the hardships and heartaches, you can see what marvellous individuals these moms are. They hang on there despite all the discomforts, worries, uncertainties and put on a brave front for the sake of their kids. You will never know what love is until you see how these moms cared for their children.

Of course, not everyone is granted permission to enter to all the wards, especially those undergoing cancer treatment. But since both KS and I were known to Prof. Lucy Lum, UMMC allowed a small group of us to personally meet the moms there, passed our gifts to them and have a short chit chat.

It was the most humbling experience for all of us. That was the most memorable Mother’s Day for us.

Now, if you are interested to participate, as a friend of mine, you are most welcome to do so:

1) You can pack a shoe box size of small items that are meant for the mothers. Only halal stuffs, NO religious related things, NOTHING for kids (because some of them may be dying). Cost around RM20 each box. We suggested stuffs like Milo, soap, towels and things the moms can use when they are staying in the hospital. You can deliver them to an appointed location.


2) If you trust me enough, you can bank in the money to the two appointed persons. I do not deal with the money nor gifts because I am staying up here in Penang. You can email me for Salwa or Dr. Ros’s bank account and email.

Please note that there is no publicity given to my parenting site, MyMomsBest but we are merely co-ordinating the matter.

And if there is a surplus of gifts, we normally give them to the nurses in the PICU and the geriatric ward. There are many old folks there whom had been abandoned by their children.

No obligations and no persuasion. But if you are compelled to do something special this Mother’s Day, try getting the gifts for these special mothers. Tell them that we care.

To Ros, thanks for initiating this project again. To all the moms on MMB, thanks for all the support given to each other through MMB forum.

16 thoughts on “Are you doing something special on Mother’s Day?

  1. #2 son of aunty lil…..go talk to your other brothers to get something spesial for your big hearted mom lol !!! Thumbs up…….

  2. Lilian, if for gifts how many packets will u be suggesting. Pls advice me. I will definately be joining in and will let u know i will be donating cash or gifts

  3. Great idea, what a kind thing to do. My name is Scott and I work for Wallhogs, building their blog and reaching out to wonderful individuals like yourself. I just noticed that you had left a comment on a couple of weeks back, regarding Wallhogs and our services. We appreciate your kind words and we would be honored to have you as part of our BIG Wallhog family. You’ve got my email, drop me a line and I will see what I can do to help you get those Wallhogs that you want. Happy Early Mother’s Day to you! Take care and God Bless.


  4. Bravo to the Super Mum of the year…Happy Mothers’ Day!!

    I have set a link to your charitable works in my blog. I sincerely hope that some more people will help out in such a good cause. Anyway, keep up the good work. God has his eyes over whatever you have done for humanity.

  5. it’s good to know that there is such a movement in existence. i wish i can do something for my mom, but i guess everything is now too late. my best wishes to all loving moms out there…

  6. simon – Yeah, I still remember that post you write about the woman at the construction site.

    agnes – done, tq

    zewt – Yeah, it is going to be hard for you.

    criz – tks for the mention, i notice that on technorati

    BIG Scott – Hey, thanks for dropping by! I hope you like the review I did for your site?

    terence – Why you want to know? Want to double my amount, I tell you lor. How?


    There are 150 beds in all the wards and we had only 80. Now, the quantities of gifts have increased and hopefully, there are enough gifts to pass to the geriatric ward as well.

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