Comfort habits

I was in the car with my three younger kids and commented that my youngest kid does not own any comfort toys, blankets or have any comfort habits.

Meanwhile, my #2 son has his bluey doggy which is a small blue puppy. It was the ugliest puppy evarrr, one which we got as a freebie. He would clung to the dog everywhere and it is a must bring to all places.

As for my #3, he has this stinking pillow case which he sucked on all four corners until they were torn and tattered.

And guess what my #2 and #3 retorted.

“Of course, Matthew doesn’t need any comfort toys. He had you, mom! We are not lucky like him. We had to go to day care, kindy, full day care and put up with strangers all day and only got home at night.”

Now, does this make those working moms’ hearts broken? It does, right? But it is so true. Kids do survive those traumatic years of being with babysitters, daycares, maids and all. They do grow up perfectly. But they do feel the insecurities and stresses.

I can see that huge difference between the kid I took care personally, the kids that mom and sis helped to take care partially and the kid that was shuttled to the babysitter most of the time. They are way different.

So, what can we do about it? Nothing much, I guess. But it is still worth a thought.

8 thoughts on “Comfort habits

  1. Hi !
    I agree with your comment about kids being sent to day care and those being looked after by ourselves. I find that there is a diference in there temprement and behavouir too.
    Shoot those that look down at stay at home moms !

  2. alamak another reminder to be a SAHM. i wanted to stay home la. but i’m not as good as you,making money while taking care of your kids. I just cannot stay home!

  3. Being a SAHM is a heavy task; need to know how to educate kids academically and morally with common sense, handle housework and people, budget and meal planning.
    Kudos to SAHMs and my mom.
    Happy Mothers Everyday to all.

  4. hi,
    this is my first time visiting your blog and i am impressed. u have a string of blogs and 5 kids. how do you manage? i’ve a 16 mths old and a blog, my hands are full! can you add me to your link list? you are now in mine. cheers

  5. I do think that it is because of the psychologicaal health. People will have different need at different stages. Maybe it is because that you spend less time together with the kid when he is at the stage craving for security.

  6. It’s so true and i feel that i’m lucky coz my grandmum look after my brothers and I during kid time and not being sent to day care or whatever. 🙂

  7. What you say is so true. My eldest boy go to the nursery and my younger daughter is taken care by my mum. I can really see the different. Most of the time i pity my son. Maybe, that is the reason why I pay more atttention to him.

  8. Sons must be joking as they all come out in one piece and one wonderful family with so full of loving kindness. Sometimes you may not know it but your site bring much happiness to those who came in here to read and even share their problems and hopes or dreams with such a wonderful and down to earth mom like Lilian in typical Penang fashion. Many things that you did leave sons become more and more independent and those are not sad stories but success stories and sons can judging better for themselves to face many more people. Sometimes sacrifice have to be made and becoming more success and sons become more independent is just part of lives and growing up. But truly amazing is you have handle them so well and meaningful living which is happening now. Great admirations and tribute for a wonderful mom and having a wonderful family in oneness with Great.

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