Spiderman 3 – Not a movie review

Fuyoh!!!! No one tells me the show is 2.5 hours long! Midway only, I thought that’s the end of [tag]Spiderman 3[/tag] and wait and wait and wait and it dragged to 2.5 hours until my bladder also wanna burst.

In the car, after the show…..

“Eh, son, that black Spiderman with sharp teeth…..”

“WHAT LAH, THAT’S VENOM LAH, MOM!”, 10 years old son rolled eyes.

“You don’t know your mader ah? You how many years old already, you still don’t know your mom so blur wan?” 15 years old teen perli.

“Oi, how I know wor? Then, hor…that guy on the skateboard……”

“THAT’S NEW GOBLIN, AND THAT’S NOT A SKATEBOARD….” 10 years old frothing from the mouth

“Never mind, never mind, now so&so died already, that means no more Spiderman movie?”

“GOT SPIDERMAN 4, SPIDERMAN 7…….” 10 years old know-it-all replied

“Eh, mom, got more Spiderman, green, yellow and so on. There is even one Spiderman dressed like Borat’s swimming suit.” 15 years old and 10 years laughed till wanna die.

Anyway…..it is not bad after some of the more disappointing superheroes movies like Fantastic Four and X-men 3. I love the sandman special effects. And aisay man, they ran out of super-super heroes already, they even dragged Jesus into the movie. Cun anot? You curious? Go watch it yourself lah. Plus all the bad guys are sooooo handsome. Especially Mr. Sandman and Mr. what-his-name on the skateboard? And I hate nerdy guys like Peter Pecker.

Plus some people in the backrow cried and sobbed during the latter part of the movie. Cis, cry what cry, never cry before ah? Like that also can sobbed until ssshhhsooossshhhoooohhss. Do you cry at movies? So sissy ler. Even if you are a woman.

24 thoughts on “Spiderman 3 – Not a movie review

  1. Cry in the movie?? Oh ya, once…and that has used up 1 packet of tissue papers. Philadelphia (sp?) was the movie! The movie is about a gay lawyer (acted by Tom Hanks) dignosed with AIDS fought a court case against his employer. 2nd movie that used up another packet would be Titanic…. Spiderman? Nah….

  2. My kids have the same reactions as yours.
    I can’t understand what so nice about Spiderman too. Or any of the Superheroes/movies. Only thing good is the eye candies actors and actress.
    (My kids and hubby shaking their head at my comment.)

  3. i like the Borat comment your sons made.. hahahha!! that’s funny..!! i would be laughing alot hard too.. šŸ˜‰

  4. nyx – I am not good with reviews. ‘Cos I am so used to writing paid ones so I tend to blow the things up. LOL.

    shooi – It is good! My 4 yrs old sat throught it and laugh as well.

    misha’s mum – Ya, I am still amazed with the sands. I think when I go to the beach, i am going to expect him to appear.

    mamabok – The kids here (the older ones) talk Borat with their school frens. “I am Borat. I like you. I like sex. It is fun. My mother is the oldest in the village. She is 42.”

    may – I had been to most of the superheroes movies. The Incredibles is my fav.

    nomadic mom – Find out yourself. Hehehe, no spoiler.

    mossie – Got frothing from mouth?

    terence – Ya lor. But I am female so that doesn’t apply.

    cindy – Ya, I remember that show!

  5. kesian me. never went to cinema for like 3 years already. eversince my starring born… all life been a bit rush here and there… most of the time, just watch from HBO or DVD. stuck at home. Pathetic of me.

  6. papajoneh – I pun baru merdeka from 17 years drought. So don’t worry, you only have 14 more years to go. LOL.

  7. I much prefer movies where there are lots of chopping up…300…being the latest. Although I did not bring my kids to that. Lots of 6 packs around the screen. Sign…..plus all those blood and chopping….Aren’t I a dangerous person to be around ? šŸ™‚

  8. Wah, I haven’t watch that movie leh..

    But at least I know when to expect to see people cry la. Hehehehe. šŸ˜€

  9. cry? hahaha i went and watch the show last night. i wanna cry when the movie ended. cos my son’s mamy poko pants bocor and the kencing kena my jeans. !@#$%

  10. sasha – Hahaha! You just made me laff till cried.

    gwen – Yalor, I think something wrong with me wan, I cannot cry. My mom and sisters used to do that lah. Watch HK series, cry. Watch Taiwan movie, cry. Watch Bollywood movies, don’t talk what, they also cried. So that’s why I developed phobia. Hahaha.

    cindy – It is a good movie, can make my four years old laffed till kehkehkeh.

    may – Haiyor, scary lah u. I don’t watch violent movie, gory movie, ghost movie. Can vomit.

  11. Me also belum watch that movie. Wanted to go yesterday but too tired liau. You know lar, with the budak budak…….. better put them at my mom place then, i can go with lawrence for a few hours paktor ing. hehehe…..

  12. Dr Bernard – 17 years means got anak liao. Kena life imprisonment. Hahaha. I kahwin 20 yrs liao lor.

  13. I had a hard time getting into Spiderman 3. It seems like Peter Parker, when he isn’t breaking down crying, tends to be something of an insecure baby, or just a jerk. I wanted more Spiderman and less Peter Parker.

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